RSD Technology Services

RSD Technology Services Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Technology Department is to support the vision and curricular goals of the Richland School District to achieve student success.


The function of the technology department is to maintain technology services and infrastructure to provide timely and nimble support to changes in technology as well as the district’s changing needs.  This includes but is not limited to proper staffing, maintaining access to online resources, providing reliable technology devices, and monitoring network infrastructure to insure minimal down time. 


Staffing of the technology department includes the Director of Technology, one Technology Support Technician II (Lead), two Technology Support Technicians I, and a Technology Help Desk Support Technician. The duties of the Director is to oversee all operations of the department, to provide direct and indirect technical support to Technology, classroom, and administrative staff. The duties of the Technology Support Technicians is to provide direct support to all district staff and students.

Services Provided

The Technology Department provides technical assistance to ensure that all staff has access to the district’s educational resources. This assistance includes the following.

·       Maintain access to the district’s online educational resources.

·       Assist staff and students in the use of classroom technology devices.

·       Collaborate with managers of RSD online educational resources to insure student success.

·       Providing every classroom with well-maintained and current technology devices.

·       Providing and maintaining a robust network infrastructure. 

Online Educational Resources

Online educational resources are programs or services that have been adopted by the district that are hosted inside our network or in the cloud. In district adopted systems the technology department is responsible for creating and maintaining staff account, student accounts, and class rostering. Also the technology department will assist with staff accounts, student accounts and class rostering in site adopted systems.  Whenever possible online systems will be configured for Google Single Sign On (SSO).

Responsibility to Stakeholders

The Technology department is to provide assistance to district stakeholders for existing and new systems. This assistance is to ensure proper integration and compatibility with technologies that support the curricular goals and vision of the district. It is up to the stakeholders on how their systems are utilized, who will have access, training, and implementation. The Technology department is to work with the stakeholders to ensure access by maintaining the network infrastructure, Internet access, appropriate hardware\devices, and to troubleshoot technical issues as they arise.

Classroom Technology Devices

Each classroom in the district is provided with the following.

·       Microsoft Windows Computer for the teacher.

·       One laptop assigned to each teacher.

·       Networked printer for all classroom devices to print.

·       Document camera for the teacher.

·       75" Smart board display 

·       30 Chromebooks

Additional equipment or devices may be added to each classroom at the discretion of the school site administrator. Additional devices must be approved by the Technology Department before they are purchased to insure that they are compatible with existing equipment and network infrastructure. The Curriculum department and site administrators must also approve the additional devices to ensure that they meet district standards and educational goals. 

Keeping Technology Current

Funds are set aside each year for the sustainability of current systems. These funds are used to maintain district classroom technology devices. If a site has decided to purchase additional technology equipment for the classroom then that site’s budget will be used to maintain that equipment.

Windows computers for business and teachers are replaced on or before their fifth year of use. Student and staff Chromebooks are replaced on or before their fifth year of use or when Google’s life cycle for the device comes to an end. Document cameras and projectors will be replaced on an as needed basis.

Network Infrastructure

The district’s network infrastructure consists of network switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points. These devices are connected using a combination of fiber optics and copper wiring. When appropriate or necessary these devices are upgraded to support the growth in network resources. The district’s network infrastructure is maintained with federal E-Rate dollars and supplemented with district funds.