Math with

Mrs. Yonge

Welcome to Math with Mrs. Yonge

Grades: 1st- 5th

Curriculum: Everyday Mathematics


In class we follow the work log calendar, so you can see what concepts we are working on. Sometimes we will complete a Home Link assignment that supports the lesson, but not every class period. At least once a week we play the Everyday Mathematics games that correspond with the lessons for that week. These are fabulous learning tools. Be sure and include these in your lessons at home. If you have questions about how to play any of the games please let me know. There are unit assessments that are given at home or in class depending on timing. I will communicate with you via email to let you know what to expect. These assessments are your student's opportunity to show how well they are understanding the concepts, so they should complete them as independently as possible. We offer assistance to help understand the question but not how to solve so that we have authentic results that can help parents and teachers drive their instruction.

You can reach me at Stellar Charter School 245-7730 or

4th-5th Grade MATH LAB

On Tuesdays from 1:00-1:45 there is a 4th-5th grade MATH LAB in P3. Students who attend bring in their math work they need help with and I offer support. If students come in without work, I offer practice to support concepts we are currently working on. Occasionally they will complete online practice on Khan Academy or other math sites.

Below you will find a link to Khan Academy, this is a fantastic resource for student of all ages. This site is excellent as a support to better understand a concept or for students who need an extra challenge they can work through the grade level material and then go beyond. Click on your students grade level, then scroll down or search for concepts they would like to work on. You can find tutorials for concepts and then work through practice. Quizzes are available as well.

Some other sites to check out:


Teaching math is truly fun and rewarding! I feel blessed to love my job as much as I do. When I am not teaching, I am enjoying my family. My husband & I have two awesome kids that keep us on our toes. Our family gets outside to play in the beautiful North State as often as possible.