Regional School District 17 Facilities Study, Demographic Study, and Master Plan

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Scope and Goals of the Project

Regional School District 17 has contracted with Tecton Architects to conduct Educational Facility Assessments, a Demographic Study, and a Board of Education Master Plan. In order to develop a Master Plan, Tecton Architects is currently in the process of evaluating the physical condition of all existing school facilities, investigating and assessing the viability of alternate land/buildings, and performing a Demographic Study projecting out 20 years to develop and prioritize options, prepare final documents, and present recommendations to the RSD 17 Board of Education and Community.

The Master Plan will guide RSD 17 with research-based knowledge of the best models to incorporate the  District’s mission and educational vision, as well as national educational standards, and provide a  framework for implementation. 

The vision and desired outcomes for this project include the following goals: 

It is the District’s intent that the planning process be comprehensive and lead to the adoption of a district-wide long-term Master Plan that will provide the model for facilities planning for a short-term (1 - 5  years), mid-range (5 - 10 years), and long-range (10 - 20 years). The short, medium, and long-term actions shall be presented in tiered good, better, and best solutions. The Plan will take into account current facility deficiencies, capacity, as well as demographics. 

The process shall include a review of functional deficiencies and condition issues in existing facilities,  educational suitability issues, technology readiness issues, special program needs, demographic trends, and capacity issues. All of the District’s sites will be included in the evaluation and planning, although needs and levels of planning effort will vary from site to site. Additionally, other sites either owned by the District or privately held buildings, but not operated by the District, will be included in the evaluation and planning.

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