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A great shot of our Big Band taking the stage at NOMF where they earned a Silver.

Congratulations to our Mega Concert Band who earned a High Silver and an invitation to Nationals!

Broadway Gala

Some shots of the Mega Concert Band and Gr. 9 Choir from our Broadway Gala Concert.


Here's a shot of our Band and Choir in Toronto after playing at the Wonderland Festival of Music! They're repping our SSS WonderBand and LeChoirthan T-Shirts.

Upcoming events:

  • Joan Mantle Music Trust Concert

On Wednesday, November 29th the SSS Jazz Orchestra will be playing at Lockerby Composite school at 7pm. Proceeds go towards the Joan Mantle Music Trust. The Trust is used to by new instruments for Rainbow School Board secondary schools.

  • Concert with the Nickel City Wind Ensemble

On December 10th, the SSS Mega Concert Band will be performing at Lockerby Composite school at 7pm. The Mega Concert Band will be joining forces with the Nickel City Wind Ensemble.

  • Boston April 2018

The Boston trip will be from April 26-29, 2018. The Mega Concert Band, SSS Jazz Orchestra, and Starfire Choir will be performing at the Boston Heritage Music Festival. The cost per student will be $800.