V. Sue Cleveland Clubs

Below is a list of current clubs/organizations at V. Sue Cleveland High School. Click on the name of each Club to see their Club webpage or contact the Club Sponsors for more information about joining their club.

Art Club

Sponsor Elizabeth Olive

Email: elizabeth.olive@rrps.net

Meet Code: gfanb3a

Art Club gives students the opportunity to meet and work with other artistically minded students. This will be a place to share artwork and discuss other art related things.

ASL - American Sign Language

Sponsor: Shayne Sawyer

Email: shayne.sawyer@rrps.net

Meets: Will not start until school begins

Members of this club will learn the basic American Sign Language, possible interpretation opportunities and develop support and understanding in the school community.

Sponsor: Mrs. Toni Morgan

Email: toni.morgan@rrps.net

Meets: TBA

Best Buddies® is an organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Sponsor: Simone Vann, Anika Roberts, & Jermaine Washington

Email: simone.vann@rrps.net, anika.roberts@rrps.net, jermain.washington@rrps.net

Meets: TBA

Black Student Union to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for the African American student body. All students are welcomed.


Sponsor: tba

Email: tba

Meets: TBA

Find out why bowling is a sport that lasts a lifetime. Bowling is the fastest growing high school sport and gives students the opportunity to become involved. Club runs from Oct. to Feb.

Chinese Club 中国文化俱乐部

Sponsor: Ariana Koers

Email: ariana.koers@rrps.net

Virtually Meets: Wednesdays 2:30pm MEET CODE: zclub

Chinese Club is devoted to exploring the cultures, languages, pastimes and histories of the civilizations centering around China, on the other side of the world.

Coding for Girls

Sponsor: Mary Bissell

Email: mary.bissell@rrps.net

Meets: TBA

One of our newest clubs on campus coding for girls is an international nonprofit seeking to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. Girls learn the essential concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages —whether they want to build a website, an app, or a robot.

Sponsor: Michael LiRosi & Erin Carrica

Email: michael.lirosi@rrps.net, erin.carrica@rrps.net

Meets in class

DECA is a co-curricular, student –centered educational organization. For almost 60 years, DECA’s mission has been to enhance the education of students with interest in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

Dream Makers

Sponsor: Angelica Olivas

Email: angelica.olivas@rrps.net

Meets: Some Fridays 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Members will receive a schedule of meeting dates

Contact Mrs. Olivas for additional information

Dream Makers is a club that explores issues that surround healthcare in our community. Students engage in various projects to improve awareness of different health issues. Students are exposed to various healthcare professions and learn about the education required to become a healthcare professional. Dream Makers is looking to make a difference at CHS and in the community when it comes to healthcare. The club is for students enrolled in AP Biology or who were formerly enrolled in AP Biology.

Sponsor: Ms. Ashli Johnston

Email: ashli.johnston@rrps.net

MEET CODE: 7mos5tl

Educators Rising is transforming how America develops as-piring teachers. EdRising provides passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. Visit the website to learn more!


Sponsor: Angel Castillo

Email: angelecastillo@rrps.net

Meets: TBA

Esports is the newest NMAA sanctioned club and is a form of competition using video games. Team members will compete against other schools from around New Mexico during the season that runs from January to April. Depending on the number of students tryouts may be required.


Sponsor: Aaron & Tonya Budagher and Michael LiRosi

Email: Aaron.budagher@rrps.net, tonya.budagher@rrps.net, Michael.lirosi@rrps.net Meets: NOT MEETING UNTIL SCHOOL RESUMES

FCS stands for the Fellowship of Christian Students. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. You do not need to be an athlete to be in FCA.


Sponsor: Kelton McPherson & Lauren Huey

Email: kelton.mcpherson@rrps.net, , lauren.huey@rrps.net

Virtually Meets: Tuesdays at 2:30pm MEET CODE: 7qlyx76

Future Farmers of America is a student organization centered around agricultural education, leadership and community service. Participants learn skills directly applicable to career fields and develop the skills necessary to be a successful leader.

Sponsor: Ms. Grauer

Email: tara.thomas-grauer@rrps.net

Email sponsor for more information

A GSA club is a student-run club that brings together LGBTQI+ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice.


Sponsor: LTC. Capel & 1SG Crites

Email: jess.capel@rrps.net, melvin.crites@rrps.net

Meets in class

Come be a part of Cleveland’s award winning JROTC Army program. Provides quality citizenship, character and leadership development program while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions. The mission of the JROTC program is "To motivate young people to be better citizens."

Today JROTC seeks to train students in leadership and motivational skills that will serve them during their school years and throughout their lives.

JROTC is not a recruitment program; however, many graduating cadets enlist in the military with advanced rank and/or compete successfully for scholarships and military academy appointments.

The military framework of the program is a very effective way to instill goal-directed, success-oriented attitudes and behaviors. AJROTC competes against high schools throughout New Mexico and even on the regional and national level if qualified. Events include color guard, drill, physical fitness, and air rifle.

Sponsor: Ms. Adrianna Trujillo

Email: adrianna.trujillo@rrps.net

Meet Code: q3hrwt5

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. Members of the Kiwanis International family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.

Mock Trial

Sponsor: Aaron Budagher

Email: aaron.budagher@rrps.net

Meet in class

Mock Trial Program is an exciting law-related education program that introduces students to the American legal system and provides a challenging opportunity for personal growth and achievement. As part of the mock trial program, your students will exercise their critical thinking and teamwork skills, as well as the basic skills learned in the classroom.

Sponsors: Cari Davis & Angela Seiler

Email: cari.davis@rrps.net or angela.seiler@rrps.net

MEET CODE: xwxmzrm - Must be a member of NHS

The National Honor Society is the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding high school students. Further information can be found on www.nhs.gov. Students must apply, meet criteria and be inducted by the NHS national organization.

Robotics Club

Sponsor: Ms. Ashli Johnston

Email: ashli.johnston@rrps.net

Meets: TBA

The Robotics Club is a club that helps provide a set of experience to facilitate the student's development of knowledge, skills and attitudes for the design, analysis, application and operation of robots. The Robotic Club helps students prepare for the RoboRave at the end of the school year. No prior experience required.

Sponsor: Keith Abrahamson

Email: keith.abrahamson@rrps.net

Meet Code: ve4zn2z

This club allows musicians and those interested in playing popular music a chance to learn and perform in a professional environment. Students learn music, rehearsal techniques, stage presence, performing skills and how to create an audio and video demo.

Science Olympiad

Sponsor: Leah Felty

Email: leah.felty@rrps.net

Meet Code: 4klkh7y

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of science education. Science Olympiad at CHS is devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition of outstanding achievement. Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets with events balanced between the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, computers and technology. Students selected for the CHS team cross-train for a variety of events in their skill set and compete at regional and state competitions.

Speech and Debate

Sponsor: Mackenzie Dixon

Email: Mackenzie.Dixon@rrps.net

Meets virtually: Fridays at 2:30pm

Meet Code: gstq4sx

This club is offered to those who enjoy public speaking and want to become better speakers. This club also helps students who are uncomfortable speaking publicly to learn how to speak confidently. Speech and Debate also allows students to practice de-bate skills in a formal setting,

Sponsors: Ms. Ashli Johnston & Ms. Lauren Huey

Email: ashli.johnston@rrps.net or lauren.huey@rrps.net

Virtual Meets: Wednesdays at 2:30pm MEET CODE: fhbfsrc

The purpose of the Storming STEM team is to inspire Cleveland High School students to further their interests in learning about STEM and pursuing careers in STEM fields. Storming STEM participates in local, state and national competitions with the goal to learn how to create solutions to problems and challenges using STEM derived ideas.

Student Government

Sponsors: Stacy Salinas

Email: stacy.salinas@rrps.net

Meets in class

StuGo is the student governing body for CHS. Students are elected in the spring for the following school year. Students must at least run for an office to be in the class.

Students for Life

Sponsors: Nina Baros & Denise Smith

Email: nina.baros@rrps.net, denise.smith@rrps.net

Meets: st3a34p

Students for Life is a national organization that works to inform and educate students on a pro-life stance. Their mission statement is: Students for Life of America exists to recruit, train, and mobilize the Pro-Life Generation to abolish abortion. Join us for our meetings to "virtually" discuss the value of life, fund raise, plan various community service events, and meet new people.

Table Top Club

Sponsors: Randall Guarnieri

Email: randall.guarnieri@rrps.net

MEET CODE: ulnzadq

Students play and learn various fantasy RPG, board and card games. Designed to give students a place to play and learn games while also discussing the games professional scene.

Sponsors: Mr. Keith Abrahamson

Email: keith.abrahamson@rrps.net

Meet Code: vqjokct

Teaches students the behind-the-scenes operation of a live musical and theatrical performance. Students work on stage lightning, sound, and set up with live musicians. Students learn the basics of our high end theatrical lighting, rigging, video and audio reinforcement equipment.

Thespian Troupe

Sponsors: Alexandra Uranga

Email: alexandra.uranga@rrps.net

Meet Code: lf2vrji

The Thespian Club is a drama club for any students that are interested in the theater. Thespian participate in the high school play productions as well as the NMAA One Act Plays. Learn all aspects of the theater. You do not have to be in drama class to participate.

Tree Huggers/Environmental Club

Sponsors: Deb Loftin

Email: deb.loftin@rrps.net

Meets Virtually: 2:30 to 3pm on Wednesdays

Meet Code: xfqh566

Tree Huggers will continue to promote environmental awareness on campus and participate in community events such as, America Recycles Day in November and Earth Day in the spring. We will also plan on working on improving our CHS Desert Trail and we will plan other events promoting, Saving the Bees and keeping our water air and land clean for all of us to enjoy.


Sponsors: Amy Hinkle

Email: amy.hinkle@rrps.net

Meets in class

Help design and put together a yearbook that will never be forgotten. This group of students meet as a class throughout the school day. Hours are required outside of the regular school day.