Welcome to the CHS Counseling Department

Mission Statement

The role of the counselor is to assist all students, through a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program to reach their emotional, social, and academic potential.

Meet your Counselors

Class of 2019

12th grade

Karla Torres-Montoya, A-L

Josh Garcia, M-Z

Class of 2020

11th grade

Pam Cooke, A-L

Jacob Pertner, M-Z

Class of 2021

10th grade

Guadalupe Gallegos, A-L

Ben Lukoski, M-Z

Class of 2022

9th grade

Jamie Ulibarri, A-L

Ashley Aragon, M-Z

Appointments with Counselors

Parents-Please contact your student’s Counselor by phone or email to set up an appointment.

Students-To schedule an appointment with your School Counselor, please stop by your grade level office.

Mental Health Resources

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Stay up to date with counseling events on campus