Mission Statement

We will strive daily to become experts in our field, show personal and professional growth and commit to continuing education throughout our career.

The Wildcat School of Cosmetology opened in Fall 2017 at River Road! We offer the Operator Program which will give our students the opportunity to work in any salon and provide all services at an entry level. After clocking 1000 hours and completing all requirements of the program, students will be eligible to take their state board exam to acquire their Cosmetology license. Students can begin by taking Intro to Cosmetology their sophomore year. They will then enter Cosmetology I their Junior year and complete the program in Cosmetology II their Senior year. After graduation, they will be career ready! The best part is? This program is free to all River Road students!

If you or your child is interested in participating in the Cosmetology program, please get with your counselor to discus your options! You may also contact Mrs.Putnam, our Cosmetology Instructor for any questions you may have regarding the program.

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Wildcat Salon Hours

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