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Harwell & Cook Orthodontics Scholarship

Catholic Life Insurance Scholarship

NROTC Scholarship

Los Barrios de Amarillo Scholarship

Watch out for scams --You should not have to pay for any scholarships.

Seven basic warning signs (College Board) (Federal Trade Commission)

  1. This scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”

  2. You can’t get this information anywhere else.”

  3. May I have your credit card/bank account number to hold this scholarship.”

  4. We’ll do all the work for you.”

  5. The scholarship will cost some money.”

  6. You’ve been selected by a national foundation to receive a scholarship.”

  7. You’re a finalist” in a competition you never entered.

Why do scholarship applications get thrown out?

  • Incomplete applications – even a single blank will usually results in a disqualification.

  • Poor handwriting / grammar – sloppy work does not indicate a quality candidate

  • Late – deadlines are deadlines

Be sure and fill out applications completely, correctly, neatly, and include all documentation by the deadline.

How to maximize your search:

  • Make time --Determination pays off with your scholarship applications. Make them a part of your weekly routine and apply for as many as you can.

  • Master the essay -- Application committees look for what sets you apart. Focus on what inspires you and craft your essays around it.

  • Get an editor-- Get someone to help you with your scholarship search and to review your applications for grammar and flow.

  • Consider who you know-- Some workplaces and civic groups offer scholarships, so ask you family if they have any connections.

  • Remember that small amounts add up-- For every $20,000 award, there are thousands of smaller awards that receive far fewer applicants. Seek out all possible options regardless of amount.

  • Talk with the financial aid office-- If you know where you're going to college, check with the school's financial aid office to see if they can help you with your search.

Scholarship Search Sites

FastWeb Scholarship Search –

Student Scholarships –

Going Merry -

The Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation (TG) –

BigFuture (College Board) –

ScholarMe -

College & University Financial Aid/Scholarship Webpages

West Texas A&M University - Early Action December 1; Priority February 1

Amarillo College

Baylor University

Eastern New Mexico University

Lubbock Christian University

New Mexico State University

Oklahoma State University

University of Oklahoma

Texas A&M University

Texas State University

Texas Tech University

University of Texas

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Tyler