Mr. Zanot's Math Class

Welcome to Math Resource! This site contains class calendar and general class information. I love teaching math and look forward to developing our students! Please feel free to contact me via phone (512) 424-8433 or email

Tutorials: Thursday afternoons from 3:45 – 4:30 and Friday mornings from 7:45 - 8:15. Notification is preferred. Students may also check out Khan academy videos for on-demand instructional help.

Supplies: You will need two sharpened pencils, a highlighter, a notebook, and a two pocket folder. You may also want a calculator for at home use. The middle schools and high schools use the TI-84 Plus in class. Our school library has a number of TI-83s that can be checked out for a semester at a time.

Conference Times: If you'd like to meet with me I am available during advisory periods by appointment.

Calendar: You can check out the posted calendar to track Unit test dates and major assignments/homework dates.

Resource Department Grading Policy: Students learn math by doing math. The grading policy emphasizes student effort and participation. Daily in class activities account for 50% of the final grade. Most weeks the students will have one major assignment that they work on for two class periods and if necessary take home as homework due the following Monday. These major assignments are weighted, and count as both a daily activity and an additional homework grade of 10%. Unit tests make up the remaining 40%. I will be reteaching major elements immediately following unit tests and students will have the opportunity to retake tests for a grade up to 90. If you miss class, you get one week to turn in late work.