Walsh Clubs and Activities

Academic UIL : Academic UIL supports the basic academic curriculum, allows students to work with others in a competitive atmosphere, and serves as academic laboratories where students can apply what they learn in the classroom. Advisor: Ms. Nguyen (krystal_nguyen@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monday-Friday before/after school (dependent on category of participation). Begins in the late Fall.

Art Club: Art club provides students with creative challenges and fun activities. Each month we will focus on a theme, using quality art materials while learning techniques that artists use to create a variety of artworks. Students will bring home a finished product at the end of each meeting. Advisor: Ms. Lasby (alicia_lasby@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monthly on third Wednesday after school. Place: Cottage C3B.

Career Management Club: The Career Management Club introduces members to several different professionals who will explain their career (job, education, etc.). This will help students decide which career path they want to take, as well as help them decide which academy to pursue in high school. To join the club, join the Remind @cmc19 on the app, text @cmc19 to 81010, or send a blank email to cmc19@mail.remind.com. Advisor: Mrs. Haulotte (nicky_haulotte@roundrockisd.org ). Time: Monthly on the third Tuesday after school. Place: Room 541.

Cause Club: The Cause Club gives you the opportunity to grow your faith in Jesus, meet new friends, and to find your purpose. Advisor: Seleta Carter (seleta_carter@roundrockisd.org). Time: Every Wednesday after school (3:35-4:15). Place: Room 447.

Chess Club: Walsh Middle School Chess Club invites you to come and play chess. Chess Club provides opportunities for our students to improve their game in the safe environment of the school. We encourage parent volunteers. Advisor: Ms. Bhatt (jharna_bhatt@roundrockisd.org).

Please visit Chess Club page for more details.

Collectible Card Game Club: We meet to have fun playing Collectible Card Games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Star Wars Destiny. Advisor: Deputy Ron Cole. Time: Every other week on Tuesdays after school. Place: Room 522.

Cooking Club: Cooking and Baking Club will be having a great time learning how to cook and bake new foods, participating in challenges, and making new friends. Come join us! Advisor: Ms. Greenstone, Ms. Acuff, Ms Bates, Ms. Waites, (sharon_greenstone@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monthly on third Wednesday after school. Place: Room 411.

Cross Country: 7th & 8th graders meet Monday-Friday. Meets are after school. Must have physical and Rank One online forms submitted. Sign up under link for cross country on the Walsh Athletics page. Parent/athlete meeting is Monday, Aug. 20 at 5PM. Advisor: Ms. Vargas & Ms. Gutierrez & Mr. Gibson (patricia_vargas@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monday-Friday practice, 5 meets. Restrictions: Open to 7th and 8th graders only.

D.I.C.E. (Designing Creative Interactive Experiences): Students will design and play tabletop games. Students will do it all, from brainstorming to boxing up a finished product. Advisor: Mr. Messina (zane_messina@roundrockisd.org). Time: Weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:35 - 4:45. Place: Room 558. Restrictions: Open to 7th and 8th graders only.

Discovery Hour: Students will learn a variety of things from coding to leathercraft, electronics to woodworking, even a little sewing. Come and find out what interests you by trying out each activity. You never know until you try! Advisor: Ms. Lacourse (donna_lacourse@roundrockisd.org). Time: Every other week on Thursdays after school beginning August 23. Place: Room 562

FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes: A Christ-centered message is shared each week by student volunteers. Walsh students do not need to be in athletics or play sports to attend. All are welcome! Advisors: Ms. Chapa (dawn_chapa@roundrockisd.org), Ms. Triana (angela_triana@roundrockisd.org ), and Mr. Gibson (kieran_gibson@roundrockisd.org) . Time: Weekly on Fridays before school at 7:45 a.m. Place: Room 522

First Robotics Club: Spring Semester Robotics Club is open to any student enrolled at Walsh Middle School. We will meet every Wednesday until the end of the semester. At the end of May we hold a competition to choose twelve students to be on our 2019/20 Robotics Team. Those teams begin training for the Tournament season in September. They will compete in a Qualifying Tournament in December and if they finish in the top ten, they will be in the Invitational Tournament the following February. https://sites.google.com/roundrockisd.org/walsh-robotics/home. Advisor: Ms. Silvestry (michelle_silvestry@roundrockisd.org). Time: Weekly on Wednesdays after school. Place: Room 800

GSA Club: The Gay/Straight Alliance Club provides a safe, inclusive place where students, regardless of their orientation, identity, or parentage, support each other, socialize, discuss issues, and plan activities related to diversity and inclusivity. Advisor: Ms. Deol (sharon_deol@roundrockisd.org) and Mr. Roland. Time: Weekly on Wednesdays before school beginning August 29. Place: Room 425

Geography Club: Do you like learning about geography, cultures, and countries? Do you like to compete, testing your geographic knowledge? If you do, then join the Walsh Geography Club! The Geography Club is all about improving our geography knowledge, as well as preparing for the annual National Geographic Bee competition in January. Advisor: Ms. Deol (sharon_deol@roundrockisd.org) and Mr. Parrack. Time: Weekly on Thursdays after school beginning August 30. Place: Room 425

National Junior Honor Society: At NJHS meetings, inducted members discuss upcoming service opportunities and upcoming fundraisers. Students are asked to join committees for the events. NJHS also has members give an update on previous service events. NJHS meetings are run by the NJHS officers. An agenda is set at an officer meeting the week before the general meeting. Officer elections are held at the October meeting. Students are eligible to become members of NJHS in 7th and 8th grade. Membership is by application only. Membership applications are sent to eligible students in mid-February and due towards the end of February/early March. Induction will be in late April. Advisor: Ms. Zunker and Ms. Evans (christy_zunker@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monthly on Tuesday & Wednesday after school beginning September 4. Restrictions: Meetings open to inducted members only.

Nintendo Switch Club: We focus on electronic sportsmanship in a fun inclusive environment. We will play multiplayer games and compete for fun! Members must have a Nintendo Switch but they can always bring a guest as each Switch can have 2 or more players. Advisor: Deputy Cole (ron_cole@roundrockisd.org). Time: Every other week on Wednesdays after school beginning August 22. Place: Room 522.

Rubik's Cube Club: Meet with other Cubers to practice our craft and get ready for competitions. Advisor: Ms. Pritchard (pam_pritchard@roundrockisd.org). Time: Weekly on Fridays after school (3:35-4:15). Place: Room 444. Check out this website for more information.

Spanish Club: Come experience cultural games, listen to Spanish music, enjoy treats from Spanish speaking countries, and practice speaking Spanish in a fun, casual setting. Advisor: Mrs. Viloria (alicia_loza-viloria@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monthly on 2nd Thursday after school (3:35-4:30). Place: Portable C0B.

Student Council: The Student Council plays a significant role in the life of the middle school. The Middle School Student Council is comprised of Executive Officers (7th & 8th graders), and Representatives from each grade level (6, 7, 8). These officers work with the advisors and the faculty, and are encouraged to act as spokespeople for their classmates. Students are encouraged to get to know their classmates and get suggestions from them about how to make our school a better and more fun place to learn. This year we will be in charge of many exciting things at Walsh such as: food drives, concession stands, community service projects, student and faculty relations, and much more. Advisor: Mr. Babbs and Mr. Bauer (bryan_babbs@roundrockisd.org and joseph_bauer@roundrockisd.org). Time: General Meetings will be the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month; Executive Office Meetings will be on the 4th Wednesday of each month. First meeting is Tuesday, August 28. Place: Room 535

Try Yoga: Develop body awareness; manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement; build concentration; increase confidence and positive self-image; feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group. Advisor: Ms. Pattison & Ms. Gomes. (carole_pattison@roundrockisd.org). Time: Weekly on Wednesdays after school beginning September 12. Place: Room 426.

Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Club: Learning how to survive the inevitable coming zombie apocalypse. Advisor: Mr. Linder stephen_linder@roundrockisd.org). Time: Monthly on Second Wednesday after school. Place: Room 540