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Global Handwashing Day

By: Diya P.

October 15th is Global Handwashing Day, a world wide day dedicated to to helping people understand the importance of washing their hands neatly, and with soap. Often, people ignore the importance of washing their hands neatly and cleanly. When you wash your hands, not only are you cleaning up, but you are also preventing illness and diseases. This can save lots of lives. At Caraway, the academy, Bringing Hope With a Bar of Soap, students learn to make soap and share their soap with others. They are focused on making sure Owls at Caraway know how to wash their hands. Washing your hands is a cheap and easy way to keep clean and safe. Handwashing has many different benefits for food hygiene, nutrition, and overall health and well being. On Global Handwashing Day and every day, make sure you wash your hands well!