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Caraway Faculty: Thoughts on School Closing

By Lila N.

I wanted to know if our teachers thought it was a good idea that the school closed down and I wanted to find out how much they miss the students they teach. It has been hard on all the students and staff and I hope everyone is staying safe at home.

"I think it was wise to close the school. It was a good idea to close the school because keeping our students, staff, and community safe is our number one priority and I miss my students so much!!!! I miss my students' laughter, their shrieks when we play tag games, especially Pac-man tag, and their smiley faces. Everyday the Caraway students are in my thoughts and I hope that all my students are doing well."-Coach Cavazos

“While I miss our students and staff terribly, I do believe that it was best for the health and well-being of everyone to close the schools.Community safety is a good idea. Closing schools helps to keep everyone safe and healthy. The hallways of the school are too quiet and I miss my students more than words could express.” - Mrs. Bailey

“I think it was a good idea closing school, due to the safety of the students, staff, and the community members. I miss my students a lot. I miss their singing, silly questions, laughters, hugs, and so on.” - Mrs. Schuler

“For the safety of students and teachers, they had to close the schools. So it was a good idea. What makes it a bad idea is that so many kids don't learn this way and it is hard for them to study and learn at home. At school, when there is a problem, we are right there to help the students and we try to keep them on track. When we stay at home, there is no way for us to control that. Some students are independent learners and can function well at home, but many can't and I think that's what makes it hard for many. I hope we find a good solution for this soon and I miss the students a lot. I miss talking to my students, seeing them in the classrooms and hallways.” - Mrs. Amiri

“I miss the students a great deal. I think that schools being closed is the only option we have with our current situation. We have a highly contagious disease that has killed thousands of people and we must do everything in our power to keep our students safe.” - Mr. Touchet

In conclusion, many teachers think that on the upside, with no school, it will keep us safer, but on the downside, they are not able to see their students and it is harder for some students to learn because they are not there with them. Do you agree with the teachers? I sure do and I miss them too.