Question: What scores are you looking for in order for my child to be in need of gifted services and be identified for the TAG program?

Answer: The TAG committee looks for a preponderance of evidence that a child is in need of gifted services. We automatically qualify students with two scores or more in either test that are in the very superior range of the bell curve (see picture above) when looking at the results of the nationally normed tests. As it is best practice to qualify students based on local norms, we and surrounding area RRISD schools, will qualify students that have these two or more scores that are based on the same age, experience and environment. Additionally, we look at both qualitative and quantitative evidence to support placement.

Question: I just received the results and my child only has Talent Development marked? Why is that?

Answer: Achievement test results do not indicate a need for core subject services at this time.

All TAG students in grades 1-5 receive Talent Development services.

  • Second semester of 2nd grade and going forward, students who receive services in talent development will be further evaluated for subject area services and placed by the committee as needed.
  • Students given nationally normed achievement tests and other data reviewed as needed.
  • While every effort will be made to find a subject area placement, students without an area identified by sixth grade may be exited.

2017 TAG Parent Referral Presentation (1).pdf


Nov. 2 5:45-6:45 - TAG Information meeting with parents.

Nov. 13 - Dec. 8 - Referrals accepted for January/February testing window (hard deadlines)

Fill out online referral form here starting 11/13 (will receive electronic receipt)

a. Please visit the RRISD website for more information regarding gifted services and the identification process and procedures.

b. At the end of the online form please SUBMIT response. You will receive an email that you're referral has gone through.

c. Print the Referral Packet and Permission to Test form

**The online form must be completed online AND the Permission to Test form (hard copy) must be completed and turned into the campus by Dec. 8, 2017 by 4:00 p.m. You will receive an email within 2 school days of receipt of each Permission to Test Form.

Jan. 15 - Testing for gifted services will begin

April 2 - Final decisions regarding placement will be mailed out

Fall 2018 - TAG services start for newly identified students