Intervention & Dyslexia Services


Teaching Philosophy

I believe each child is a unique individual who needs a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to grow and develop emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. It is my desire as an educator to facilitate learning through collaborating with children, families and my colleagues. I am dedicated to helping students respect and value their own and other's unique backgrounds and abilities through acceptance and open sharing of ideas.

A guiding principle in my classroom is the power of the word “yet.” By setting high expectations, creating a safe learning environment and encouraging perseverance in attaining personal goals they have yet to reach, my students become resilient and enthusiastic learners.

Please call me (512)464-4312 or e-mail me with any questions or concerns as we work together to help your child succeed.

Laurel Mountain Elementary

Our Vision

Laurel Mountain is a school for talent development, joyful learning, and creative innovation where everyone teaches, learns, contributes, and makes decisions.

Our Mission

To create a strength-based, safe, nurturing environment in which all children will develop their interests, skills, strategies, and attitudes necessary to become independent explorers, critical thinkers, leaders, and responsible citizens.