A Guide To Fifth Grade at TVE

A Guide to 5th Grade at Teravista Elementary

A Guide to 5th Grade at Teravista Elementary

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Teravista Elementary School Phone:

(512) 704-0500

*Holly Holubec-Brewer@roundrockisd.org

(512) 704-0560




(512) 704-0561




(512) 704-0587


Behavior Expectations

Every student is a leader here at Teravista and the 5th grade behavior plan is based on the 7 Habits of Happy Kids we implement at TVE. Students will earn Tiger Bucks for their good choices and actions on a daily basis. If a student’s behavior becomes a concern, parents will receive a telephone call, email or note written in the student’s planner for parents to sign. Please see the 5th grade “Celebrations and Concerns” handout for details.

Tuesday Folders

Fifth Graders will take home a weekly Tuesday Folder. This folder will contain their graded work as well as a weekly summary for behavior choices called “Celebrations and Concerns”. We request a parent signature indicating you have received your child’s graded papers and that you are aware of behavior celebrations and/or difficulties your child had the previous week. We encourage you to sign-up to view your child’s work online.

RRISD Home Access Center

Informative papers will be on our 5th grade teacher websites/Peachjar for you to print at home. If you do not have access to the Internet or a printer, and you need paper copies on a regular basis, please let your homeroom teacher know and we will be happy to send copies home with your child.

5th Grade Websites

On each site, you will find information about our 5th grade teachers, curriculum notes, and upcoming events.


Regular school attendance plays a vital role in the degree of success a student achieves during the school year. State law and local policy mandate that students must be in attendance at least 90% of the academic year. In addition, students should be arriving on time for instruction, as the first few minutes set a tone for the school day. Also, the first of the day is critical learning time.

TVE doors open at 7:00 AM and instruction begins promptly at 7:40. Students are expected to be on time and will be marked tardy if they arrive to their classroom after 7:40.

Information regarding attendance can be found in the RRISD Student Handbook.

Parent’s Note after an Absence from Elementary Student-Parent Handbook

"If a student is absent from school, the parent should notify the school office in the morning to explain why the student is absent. For the student whose parent has not notified the office by mid-morning, a campus representative will make every attempt to phone the parent at home or work to determine the reason for the child’s absence. Upon return to school, the student should bring a note of explanation, regardless of whether the parent has been reached by phone on the day of the absence."


We will have one snack time each day. Please avoid the “four C’s”…candy, cakes, cookies, and chips. Although water fountains are available, we highly recommend a personal water bottle with a secure lid (preferably twist top), so your child remains in class for all instruction and to help your child stay well hydrated (clear, plain water only, please).


We will have outside recess every day (weather permitting). It is required that your child wears or brings tennis shoes on the days he/she has PE. Please refer to the RRISD Dress Policy in the RRISD Student Parent Handbook when helping your child select appropriate school attire.

Cell Phones

Dear Students,

Did you also know that you should not use your cell phone on campus at all? Even when school is over, you need to be outside with your parents or on your way home before using it. We totally understand that cell phones are an important communication tool, but please follow the school rules. If you do use it at school or if your phone rings or disrupts class, it will be taken away.

We don't want to take things away, so please follow the rules.

Thank you!

Mr. Wakefield


Teravista Elementary and your 5th Grade teachers believe education is a partnership between home and school. Please feel free to call, write a note, or e-mail us if you have concerns, questions, or celebrations about your child’s education. We are always available to schedule a conference if ever needed. We are looking forward to a great year!


All students should be in their classrooms at the 7:40 am Tardy Bell. Any student arriving to their classroom after that will be counted tardy by the teacher. Any child that is not in the building by 7:40 will need to a parent to check them in at the front office.


Birthday treats are allowed for the homeroom class only. They will be served during recess, from 2:30 - 2:50. We ask that you send birthday treats that are easy to serve such as cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher at least one day prior to bringing the treats so that only one birthday treat is handed out per day.

Things You Can Do At Home To Help Your Child At School

* Read, read, read!

* Check your child’s planner daily

* Work with your child on study skills (This is a new skill to most 5th graders)

* If you have a computer, allow your child to research topics of interest pertaining to what they are learning

at school.

* Practice their multiplication facts!

* Make sure they get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast.

Instructional Blocks section

2 way split classes

Ms. Kohlbeck (Reading, Writing and Social Studies)

Mrs. Timson(Math and Science)

2 way split classes

Mrs. Brewer (Reading, Writing and Social Studies)

Mrs. Schonhar(Science and Math)

2 way split classes

Mrs. Smith (Reading, Writing and Social Studies)

Mrs. Frick (Science and Math)

We maintain ongoing communication and are very committed to providing your child with the best possible school experience. It is going to be a great year!