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Important information for the week of Jan. 21st:

Important info:

  • Family Survey: The annual campus family survey will remain open through Saturday, Feb. 9. Please click here to complete the survey The responses that you provide directly impact campus life and helps shape the school activities and programs at Laurel Mountain. The online survey is mobile-friendly and short; participants can expect it to take about five minutes to complete. The survey is available on online in five languages by clicking the drop down menu in the top right corner.
  • Scholastic Book Orders: due on-line this Friday, Jan. 25th
  • Healthy Snack of the Week: oranges
  • Paper towel/Toilet Paper Tube Donations Needed: Grades 2 and 3 will need these to use during clusters. Please collect them and send them into class.
  • Westwood Cheerleading Future Warrior Cheer Clinic:The Westwood Cheerleaders are hosting a "Future Warrior" Cheer Clinic for grades K-8th on February 2, 2019 from 8:00am-Noon at the Westwood gym. The cost of the clinic is $35/participant and all will receive a t-shirt, bow and snack. Please click here for more information and registration.
  • Walk to Read Campaign: Information was sent home on Friday about how you can help underprivileged students in Uganda and Kenya gain access to quality reading materials by donating/collecting donations for the Libraries of Love program, which was founded by a former LME librarian. Once all money is collected, please return the envelopes to your child's teacher.
  • Free and Reduced Eligibility - Furloughed or Not Receiving a Salary Employees: When a household experiences a change in economic circumstances, the household may submit a household meal application based on the change in circumstances. Furloughed employees or employees that are required to work without pay are considered to be a change in economic circumstances. To apply for the Free and Reduced program, please go to the following site:

Things to do this week if you haven't already:

  • Sign-up to be a mystery reader in the new year (optional) click here

This week's lessons

  • Science: We will continue our unit on patterns of movement.
  • Language Arts: Students will rotate through stations in Daily 5 (read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, writing, and word work).
  • Phonics: R- controlled- or, ore, oar (continued from last week)
  • Reading mini-lessons: We will continue to examine several different types of stories and determine the author's purpose for writing (to entertain, persuade, or inform).
  • Writing: Students will continue to revise and edit their small moment writing piece about winter break from last week. We will have final drafts/published pieces by Friday.
  • Social Studies: We will continue our unit on how physical and human geographic factors shape communities.
  • Math: We will continue our geometry unit with a focus on polygons, polyhedrons, quadrilaterals, edges, vertices, and faces.


1. If you haven't done so yet, please click on the following link and fill out your child's data.

2. Don't forget to send a snack and water bottle with you child to school everyday.

3. If your child has a change in dismissal, please let me know in an email at least one day before hand. If there is a change for the current day of school, please call the office and they will alert me. (office 464-4633).

4. Please use the online form if a student is going to be absent for the day.

Important Dates

I have moved the upcoming important dates to the calendar tab. Please check this tab weekly.