Mrs. Levitan's eLephants

Libraries of Love: Last Friday kicked off our "Walk To Read" fundraiser for Libraries of Love. Please look in your child's backpack for the informational letter and donation envelope to learn more about this very worthy cause. Walk to Read ends on Friday, February 1st.

Book Orders: You will find a new Scholastic Book Order in your child's Monday folder. As usual, online ordering only. Please go to and click on the parent tab. Then click on "order from book clubs flyer". Enter in our class code RJNBP. I will place the order next Tuesday afternoon (January 29).

Valentine's Day: This year for Valentine's Day we WILL NOT have a PTA sponsored party. However, we will still have the students exchange Valentine cards in the classroom. We ask that your child give a Valentine card to EVERY student in the class. It is OK if the card contains a little treat or sweet. I will send home a class roster, so you will have all the names of the students in the class. I will give each student a bag to collect the cards, so there is no need to make any sort of box or container at home. The kids are encouraged to make home made cards as well. The cards do not need to be store bought. Please have your student bring the cards by Wednesday, February 14th. We will exchange the cards during the school day. Let me know if you have any questions.

Paper Making Volunteers Needed: The elephants will making homemade paper in The Hive to support our natural resources science unit. We need parent help to make this happen. I need 8 parent volunteers that can help out on Wednesday, February 6th from 1:15-2:30 pm. Your hands will get wet squishy and dirty. Mr. Hance will be helping us make the paper and will be planning a parent training session before Feb. 6th (date and time TBA). Please let me know if you are able to come and help. Thank you!

Healthy Snack: Our healthy veggie of the week is oranges. Please send a healthy snack with your child to school. Please no cookies, candies, cakes or drinks. We eat snack at 9:00 am and I let them have a quick second snack around 10:45 am, which is after our specials time. Feel free to pack an extra quick snack for your child if he/she complains about being hungry (just ask them if they want an extra snack). This should be something they can eat quickly and easily during our math warm-up.