Class Rules


Assignment and Notification:

In School Suspension requires communication across all entities in school

  • Only students' alpha assistant principal will assign ISS students to ISS via the spreadsheet for that week. That student's alpha assistant principal suite secretary will then place those assigned students onto the I.S.S. spreadsheet by that student’s alpha assistant principal during that class period.
  • All teachers assigned to teach a student assigned to ISS will be notified in a timely manner by the office personnel via email.
  • All students who have ISS will report to the ISS room B-215

ISS and Learning:

Even when a student is assigned to ISS, learning must remain the goal

  • Each of the assigned student’s teachers are required to send student’s assignments directly to the I.S.S. classroom or place assignments on the ISS school-wide email site at, before the start of A lunch the day that the student is assigned I.S.S. This will ensure that students have ample time to work on assignments.
  • This is also a good opportunity for teachers to provide students with missing assignments, as well.
  • Supplemental packets of learning material have been made available from each department and this can be used as to supplement student learning while in ISS, as a last resort. It is a better use of time for students to work on current or missing work to assist with their engagement of the work throughout the day.

ISS Behavior Expectations:

  • Unless student's alpha assistant principal gives the I.S.S. teacher a written permission pass for the student to go to his or her room for that class period, students are not permitted to leave the I.S.S. room to seek assistance from their teachers or participate in their classes.
  • When a student has served all of their required time in ISS, he or she will be issued a pass from that suite office secretary with the approval from that student's alpha assistant principal and this must be presented to the student's classroom teacher before the student can resume his/her regular schedule
  • As with any other class, attendance must be taken by marking the period number on the office generated attendance roster. Students must sign in where appropriate.
  • Other than assigned students, no students are allowed into the ISS classroom
  • Cell phones are to be turned off and given to the ISS teacher upon entering ISS. The ISS teacher should label each student cell phone with their name as well as the current date. Cell phones or other such electronic devices should be placed in a lock filing cabinet until that student is released from ISS
  • Upon arrival to ISS, students will receive a detailed student orientation for the purpose of clearly communicating the ISS guidelines, consequences for non-compliance and to establish clear expectations of assigned work while assigned to ISS. Returning students will be given a review/reteach of these rules as well.
  • Mandatory Journal questions: Each student entering ISS for the first time will be issued ISS journal and that students are required to write in their ISS Journals and include a positive alternative behavior.
    • •Reasons for the referral.
    • •What was happening at the time of the misbehavior?
    • •The student’s goal to improve his or her behavior.
  • After completing student orientation the ISS teacher will assign each a student study carrel 1-10, and All students must be seated at their carrel, facing their carrel number, with their legs inside the carrel, for the course of their suspension.
  • Restroom breaks will be at 10:00 am, after lunch when the halls are clear, and at 1:45 pm. Only one person is permitted in the restroom at a time. We will all leave the classroom and must be escorted by the ISS teacher and we should walk quietly, single file down the hall.
  • Lunch is B-Lunch and will be eaten at study carrels
  • Students who complete assignments on time and good behavior will earn points. Each student needs 25 points out of a possible 35 points and to complete all assignments to have a successful day in the ISS classroom. (please see points chart)
  • Unsuccessful completion of ISS will result in a referral to student alpha assistant school administration for consideration of the student repeating the day of ISS to success.
  • Students are not permitted to look around the room, sleep or rest their heads on their carrel-desks.

ISS Facilitator Expectations:

  • The ISS teacher is required to have all ISS students to access and review all of their grade as well as their missing grades in their Home Access account on the ISS computers within the ISS classroom.
  • The ISS teacher should assist students to print out each missing assignment for ISS teacher to send out to the student's regular classroom teacher for the missing assignment and that teacher will be notified in a timely manner and will gather class assignments when time allows.
  • In addition, during the mornings, students will complete a cafeteria food order form for their lunches. Students MUST write their pin number on the form. Students will not be permitted to purchase items such as chips, etc. (Sack-lunch only) this form will be turned in to suite#2 for processing for lunch to be delivered during B-Lunch. Lunch is to be eaten at the student’s assigned ISS desk. The student is to remain facing forward and there should be no talking permitted. The student has finished their lunch, please instruct them to raise their hand to clear their carrel area.
  • Each ISS teacher is required to fill out a point sheet for each student process daily and on a period by period bases. Each point for the school day should be turned in to that student's alpha assistant principal suite secretary to be processed.
  • Students who refused to work the ISS teacher must fill out Refusal to Work form in the ISS handbook and get the student to signature if possible.
  • Unsuccessful completion of ISS will result in a referral to student alpha assistant school administration for consideration of an out of school suspension.
  • Every student entering for the first time, the ISS teacher must check for student accommodation on Shared Drive.
  • Any SPED Support or inclusion Teacher sign into ISS Support LOG Book.
  • All ISS teachers must be actively monitoring the ISS classroom, at all times. Active monitoring is: walking around room frequently to check students' progress and also check students' study carrel to ensure they are working on appropriate school related assignments.
  • Student’s assignments are turned into the locked small cabinet labeled “Student Assignments” in the ISS room with a large, sealed manila folder with the completed assignment on the inside. The following morning, Mr. Thompson will place the assignments in the appropriate teachers mailbox. If the student is not returning to ISS the following day, the unfinished assignments still will be turned in to the teacher box and with notification to that student's alpha assistant principal.
  • ISS Substitutes should follow the standard Lesson Plan Guide for the period(s) they are covering ISS. A copy of the Lesson Plan Guide has been given to Ms. Byrd to be distributed to substitutes, as well as tapped on the desk.