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About Madeleine Williams

CONTACT INFO: Call or email me any time! 512-464-6417. madeleine_williams@roundrockisd.org.

THE IMPORTANT THING: I am the luckiest teacher in the world. I serve the greatest students. Their parents are extraordinary advocates for them. The FLC staff -- Laura Grass, Cindy Hernandez, Diana Martinez, and Pamula Taft -- is the very best.

SUBJECTS TAUGHT: Communication, Math, Daily Living, Occupational Development, Social Skills, Applied Technology, Recreation & Leisure

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: NCLB Highly Qualified in Special Education (EC–12), English Language Arts and Reading (8–12), Social Studies (8–12), English as a Second Language (EC–12), Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (EC–12)

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS: Teacher State Board of Educator Certification through Region XIII Educator Certification Program, 2011–2012; M.A. Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley, 1990; B.A. English, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1986

About the Functional Learning Classroom

When the Functional Learning Classroom started at McNeil in 2012, we adopted the four principles of the “FISH! Philosophy”: Be there. Play. Choose your attitude. Make their day. This is a simple idea, one that continues to inform our classroom practice to this day. FISH!

FLC Students

It turns out that the true practitioners of the FISH! Philosophy are our students. Be there: FLC students are gifted, and, as one parent observed, “Their greatest gift is their presence.” Play: Our students’ work is largely… play—exploring the world through the senses and engaging in cause-and-effect activities. Choose your attitude: FLC students truly put the FUN in functional learning! Make their day: Our students make our day, every day.

FLC Staff

FLC students are supported by three outstanding paraprofessionals: Mrs. Hernandez (formerly Peeler), Mrs. Martinez, and Ms. Laura. We are also blessed to have a wonderful classroom nurse, Nurse Pamula. This semester we are joined by three student aides, Khalia Rayford, Genesis Gonzales, and Jaiden Cockrell, as well as an NHS ambassador, Hope Landuyt. We also have a pre-service teacher from the University of Texas, Rida Malik.

Our students are also served by dedicated related-service providers, including Caitlynd Pritchard and Paula Molloy (adapted P.E. teachers), Rebecca Faulkner (music therapist), Tyler Andrews (occupational therapist), Peggy Wohlgemuth (physical therapist), Toni Clark (PT assistant), Bettina Wolf-Mueller (speech-language pathologist), Jillian Daigle (teacher of the visually impaired), and Ben Thompson (orientation and mobility specialist).

FLC Instruction

The Functional Learning Class focuses on

· active learning

· sensory-motor activities

· cause-and-effect development

· choice making

· fine- and gross-motor development

· participation in vocational/pre-vocational skill activities

Maverick Snack Cart

In 2013 FLC launched its own school-based business, the Maverick Snack Cart ("Mav Snacks").

FLC students provide tasty treats and beverages to McNeil staff throughout the day. Mav Snacks sells to students every morning before the school day begins.

In addition to providing valuable skills training for our students, the Maverick Snack Cart makes money for student activities and classroom supplies.


We are very proud of our student entrepreneurs! FLC student Caroline & former student Katie and their families are committed to “taking the dis out of disability” by providing “exceptional treats,” while also offering meaningful work opportunities for individuals with special needs.