Atherton - Art

Supply List

There is a $20.00 supply fee for Art I. Please make out check to McNeil High School and include driver's license number. Cash also excepted.

There is a $30.00 Studio fee for Ceramics II & Ceramics III - cash or check made out to McNeil High School with a driver's license number, please.

About the teacher

NAME: Elizabeth Atherton

SCHOOL: McNeil High School

CLASS: Art I, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, & Ceramics III

SCHOOL PHONE: 464-6402

Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. (Painting Major with a minor in Ceramics). Teacher Certification from Texas State University. I am glad to say this is my 20th year teaching at McNeil. I went to Memorial High School in Houston where we were the Mustangs and I graduated in 1985. So, it's exciting that I am teaching high school now, only it's McNeil High School, home of the Mavericks. I really enjoy teaching art in it's various media. I especially like working with clay. My students seem enthusiastic this year, and very eager to learn. My hope is that all my students leave my class with some sort of appreciation for art in all of its forms.


1st Period----9:05-10:39- Conference - C-124

2nd Period----10:45-12:20----Art I - C-126

A Lunch------12:20-12:52

3rd Period----12:57- 2:32-Ceramics II & III - C-124

4th Period----2:38-4:15------Ceramics II & III - C-124


5th Period---9:05-10:39------Conference - C-124

6th Period---10:45-12:20-----Ceramics I - C-124

A Lunch-----12:20-12:52

7th Period---12:57-2:32--------Ceramics I - C-124

8th Period---2:38-4:15---------Ceramics I - C-124