Cedar Ridge Counseling Team

Lead Counselor: Denise Gallego

E-mail: denise_gallego@roundrockisd.org

Location: Main Office


Last Names A - BUR

Counselor: Brian Banks

E-mail: brian_banks@roundrockisd.org

Location: D111 Phone: 512.704.0177


Last Names BUS - DIA

Counselor: Lissett Bohannon

E-mail: lissett_bohannon@roundrockisd.org

Location: D111 Phone: 512.704.0342


Last Names DIB - GOZ

Counselor: Kate Kopke

E-mail: catherine_kopke@roundrockisd.org

Location: D111 Phone: 512.704.0341


Last Names GRA - JOM

Counselor: Brandy Beasley

E-mail: brandy_beasley@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0222


Last Names JON - MAS

Counselor: Rose Pool

E-mail: rose_pool@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0122


Last Names MAT - PAC

Counselor: Lisa Del Dotto

E-mail: lisa_deldotto@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0096


Last Names PAD - RUI

Counselor: April Gonzalez

E-mail: april_gonzalez@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0026


Last Names RUJ - TOQ

Counselor: Chalice Marcano

E-mail: chalice_marcano@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0027


Last Names TOR - Z

Counselor: Larrie Bell

E-mail: larrie_bell@roundrockisd.org

Location: H131 Phone: 512.704.0028


CRHS Counselor Newsletter, Issue 3.pdf

crhs counselor chronicle - previous newsletters

Cedar Ridge Counseling Department Vision Statement

The Cedar Ridge High School Counseling department will foster an environment which encourages every student to respect all cultures, actively promotes a positive global community of lifelong learners, inspires students to embrace their own value, and drives students to recognize and maximize their individual potential within a competitive and ever-changing society.

We believe:

  • All students have the ability to achieve their maximum potential when given the appropriate tools, encouragement and opportunity, regardless of race, creed, ethnic background, national origin, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical or mental ability.
  • All students’ developmental needs are assessed and addressed individually, according to any specific social, emotional and/or educational needs, which are entirely unique to each student.
  • The school counselor advocates on behalf of the student to remove or overcome any potential barriers which impede student success or overall physical and mental well-being, always keeping the student’s best interest in mind.
  • The school counselor serves as a connection between all stakeholders, parents, teachers, administrators) in order to provide the best service in planning, managing and implementing how to best meet the needs of all students.
  • The school counselor will utilize data intentionally to assess, plan, and implement program decisions, which is a necessity to determine the needs, goals and targeted outcomes of the comprehensive counseling program in conjunction with the overall goals of the campus, district and community.

Cedar Ridge Counseling Department Mission Statement

Through a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program, Cedar Ridge High School Counselors strive to foster an all-inclusive and equitable environment for students, which addresses student academic/career goals and social/emotional needs. This is achieved through collaborative and cooperative partnerships with all stakeholders to enable all students to reach their full potential. The counseling program is designed to meet the academic, personal, social/emotional, and career needs of all students and is delivered via individual conferences, guidance lessons, small groups, and responsive services with the goal of cultivating resilient leaders, life-long learners, and positive contributors to the community and society at large, now and in the future.