Ms Cooper


Welcome to Ridgeview FAC 2018 - 2019

Ms Cooper is in Room 402 and is excited to see you!

Weekly Updates:

Week 3: 9/4 - 9/7

This Week We:

· Worked on the sign language phrases: school work, homework, class work, play time, do you need help, do you want to play, break time, and it’s time to go home. We have gotten really good at these phrases. Ask your student to show you!

· Continued our punctuation practice.

· Created maps of our garden an put together a garden plan for fall planting

· Worked hard on the Dollar Up concept with Money in Math.

Began study of the Life Cycle of a Seed

Next Week We are Looking Forward to:

· Adding more signs to our vocabulary

· Planting seeds in our fall garden

· Participating in a “mock grocery store” to practice our dollar up concept

· Beginning our Social Studies study of what it means to be a Good Citizen

  • Putting our chicken eggs in the incubator to continue our Life Cycle studies

Daily Schedule

1st: Math Room 402

2nd: APE/Electives


3rd: ELA Room 402

4th: Lunch Cafeteria

5th: Social Studies Room 402

6th: Science Room 402

7th: Electives

8th: Study Skills Room 402