Welcome to World Cultures with Mrs. Gutierrez!

My purpose is to create a welcome and accepting environment full of ideas and wonderings while exploring world cultures.

I'm available for tutorials most mornings beginning at 7:30 AM. After school tutorials can be arranged. I need a day's notice. You may contact me by email at allison_gutierrez@roundrockisd.org or by phone at 512-428-2541.

If you would like a parent conference, our team time is 12:55-1:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other arrangements can be made if those times do not work for you.

Daily Schedule
1st period- World Cultures
Advisory Huddle
2nd period - World Cultures
3rd period- World Cultures
5th period- TAG World Cultures
6th period- Team time/conference period
7th period- Department time/conference period
8th period- World Cultures


True Size of - shows the true size of continents and countries in direct comparison to others

Treasure Hunt- Latitude and Longitude Game

Treasure Hunt- Another Latitude and Longitude Game

Latitude and Longitude activity

The World Population and Me- Comparing me to the world

Nifty Fifty United States- YouTube video to help learn the names of the states of the United States of America

Animaniacs cartoon video to learn the United States and the capitals.