Personal Development

What is Personal Development

How children are to learn skills and realise talents, develop character and resilience, and learn about British values, diversity and mental health & well-being. 

Wider Curriculum & Personal Development

We ensure that our young people learn the following values through both our taught and wider curriculum: 

Our Core Skills: 

We also aim to ensure that our young people are: 

What does this look like at The Romsey School? 

The aims above are achieved within the academic curriculum and also within the extensive range of wider opportunities available to our young people. 

What is Cultural Capital? 

Exposing students to a large variety of subject areas and arts; promoting character-building qualities that lead to creating well-rounded, global citizens, and of course the more typical expectations of education, which is to provide young people with recognised and meaningful qualifications that will open up doors to paths in later life. 

Our Weekly Tutor Programme 

Tutor Schedule 2023 (1).pdf

 In addition to the taught PSHE programme(s), tutors also follow a weekly schedule during tutor time which is designed to be the first lesson of the day, 'warming the students up' for the day with interesting content to enhance their understanding of current issues, British Values and their own Habits of Mind. Similarly, all students learn about current topical issues each week through Votes for Schools’. The Assembly programme is mapped out in order to meet the needs of our students and it brings them current, topical and relevant input which is designed to make them think deeply. 

Our PSHE Curriculum 

PSHE - New Curriculum 2022.pdf

     Personal, Social, Health & Finance Education - We are really proud of our PSHE programme which is taught to all students in Years 7, 8 and 9 every fortnight and to Year 10 every week. 

     The PSHE team of specialist teachers constantly update the PSHE curriculum to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our young people and the changing world in which they find themselves. Students contribute to the discussions around what they need to learn. 

     Topics currently include keeping mentally well, healthy relationships, keeping safe online, consent, eliminating bullying and child-on-child abuse, and financial management.

Our Extra Curricular Programme 

     The school curriculum extends beyond the normal day with a wide variety of clubs, trips and activities offered to all wherever possible. These activities enhance our curriculum, ensure wide participation and achieve excellence. Our aim is that every student is involved in at least one extra-curricular opportunity at any one time. For example, all of our Year 7 students learn a musical instrument. Our Music and Drama productions are also of the highest standard. 

     The Beauty and The Beast production was outstanding in 2022, with wide participation from ninety students drawn from all year groups. We have just announced that the 2023 production will be The Addams Family. All members of our community are invited to watch; please follow us on facebook for more information. 

     Our sports teams do particularly well in competitions with other schools. For example our U16 Basketball Team won the Southampton League in Summer 2022; the students made us really proud with a nail biting finish. The boys badminton teams reached the county finals, the U14 girls Basketball Team went the season undefeated and a number of our athletes achieved District and then County honours.

     Each success is celebrated. For example, the Production will always be followed with an ‘after show party’ and each year we host a ‘Sports Award Evening’ for our high performing sportspeople. In addition to this, there are also a variety of special interest clubs homework clubs such as Maths and revision sessions in most subjects prior to major examinations at KS4. 

Extra curricular 2023-24.pdf

Duke of Edinburgh Award- Our school is particularly strong with regard to our students’ participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Bronze Level. Each year around 50 students take part in the award and they revel in the adventures that entail. 

Additional Academics- There are also many other opportunities for students to participate in competitions which come up through the year. These include the Maths Challenge programme, Poetry Slam, ‘Youth Speaks’, LAMDA and Business Enterprise.

Leadership Opportunities

   We are committed to enhancing our students’ leadership skills and behaviours. Students can take part in:

Habits of Mind 


British Culture and Diversity 

British Values and

Diversity - The school prides itself on its diversity. For example, we celebrate the fact that our student body is made up of students who speak thirty-six different languages (from Albanian to Swahili) representing many different cultures. 

We also place a high importance on other British Values such as enabling pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect civil and criminal law. These values are written into our PSHE curriculum. We also encourage pupils to accept responsibility for their behaviour, show initiative and to understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of others both locally and nationally. 


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC)

We promote tolerance and harmony between different traditions by enabling pupils to appreciate and respect their own and other cultures. This variety adds a great richness to our school and enhances everyone’s understanding and empathy.


     Careers’ Guidance - We pride ourselves on preparing our young people for their future and are the only local school which has a full time dedicated Careers’ Advisor. Miss Phillipps delivers a comprehensive careers guidance programme from Y7 onwards which meets and surpasses the national ‘Gatsby Benchmarks’ of best practice. This includes off-timetable activities such as “The Real Game”, our Enterprise Project, Careers Planning Days and timely input on KS3 and post-16 options including apprenticeships. Employer links are embedded across the curriculum. Miss Phillipps is also able to give individual guidance and support; sometimes into young adulthood after our young people have left The Romsey School.

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Trips - We believe that travel is one of the best ways to broaden the mind and to develop ‘cultural capital’. As well as providing opportunities for enjoyable and worthwhile experiences, the extra curricular dimension also helps to cement the good student/teacher relationships which are the cornerstones of the success of the school. Therefore we have developed an extensive programme of Educational Visits, with notable trips to Avon Tyrrell and Paris in Year 7 and then an opportunity to visit Iceland, the Jurassic Coast, Kenya and Nice or Barcelona at KS4. 

Romsey School Library 

We have a wonderful library at Romsey which is a real ‘treasure trove’ packed full of current and exciting reading material which is constantly updated. Mrs Needs is our dedicated Library Manager and she ensures that the Library is welcoming and inclusive for all. We subscribe to the Hampshire Schools Library Service which allows us to keep very current with reading material. Should you wish to read on your electronic device, we also have online provision. Many of our students use the library during breaks, lunchtimes and after school. Mrs Needs runs a weekly Paired Reading Scheme and Readers Club. She also organises other events which celebrate the love of reading, including our annual Literary Festival and Poetry Slam when visiting authors and artists inspire our students.

Behaviour and Attitude 

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