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!!! NEW LOCATION (yes - again) !!!

Starting with the new school year we will be UPSTAIRS in Jervis Library

613 N Washington St. Rome, NY

Director: Jessica Lattimore

Program Specialist: Sarah Keesler

Lab Assistant: Fred Hall


Phone: 315-338-5200 x3428

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NEW!! Meredith Madden's next course starts August 9th! See Meredith describing the course in this brief video.

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List of Workshops and Information We Offer at the RTC

We are Upstairs in the Old Jervis Home section of the Library

613 N Washington St.

Exact directions and hours of operation will be posted at a later date. Lab hours are posted above or on our calendar. The Lab door will normally be locked outside posted user hours.


+++ (6/24/2021) New Teacher Center Certificate Requirements - more info now needed.+++

As a condition of the renewal of our CTLE status with the NY State DOE , we are now required to collect and display the following information for trainees on their training certificates:

- Date of Birth

- Last 4 digits of SSN

These are required by the State. If they decide to audit any of our records going forward they want to be able to positively identify the certificate holder. Records must be kept a minimum of eight years.

Before we can issue a completion certificate, we will be asking for DOB and last 4 of SSN. No data - can't issue a cert.

*** ALL ASCD Certificates and other Request forms for In-Service Credit for the Oct 1, 2021 cycle must be in by NOON Monday, Sept 20th ***

*** There is a SIGN-IN PROCEDURE when entering the RTC Lab.

If you have any symptoms of any illness - DO NOT ENTER the Lab. You must properly wear a mask, use the provided hand sanitizer, and sign in when you enter. Once inside proper social distancing is required. NOTE: This procedure may change based on the current COVID procedures at the time of re-opening.


Lab days and hours could change with short notice. Bookmark this page and check the hours section above.

+++ LAB RESERVATION SYSTEM: Given the amount of physical space available, the Lab will continue using a RESERVATION process to ensure safe social distancing and resource sanitization can be maintained at all times.

Current space limitations will allow for a MAXIMUM of THREE (3) simultaneous Lab users in addition to any RTC Staff.

For the most efficient use of lab resources, when at all possible - please come with items to print or laminate prepared ahead of time.


  1. View the Day/Hours available above and then check the Reservations Calendar HERE to check availability of your desired time slot(s). To allow availability to more people, please only request a maximum of one (1) hour per day. NOTE: The calendar will contain an entry "User Hours" on days the Lab is open - if there is no entry on a day, the Lab is CLOSED

  2. Fill out the RTC Lab Reservation Form HERE - be sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.

IF YOU CAN'T ACCESS THE FORM - Send an email to to request your time slot and provide the following info:


Your Full Name,

Day/Time Requested,

Expected Duration (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc),

Resources Required (Poster Printer, Laminator, etc),

Your Contact Email and Phone Number.

  1. RTC Staff normally checks email several times per day and enters your request on the RTC Reservations Calendar. You will receive an email reply stating your reservation was confirmed or there was a conflict and you need to select a new day and/or time. Requesting your reservation at your earliest convenience will ensure we can respond to it in a timely manner.

  2. Reservation requests are entered on a first come/first served basis based on the time your form/email request was received.

If you need to cancel or change a reservation for any reason please edit your existing RESERVATION FORM (at the link above) or email us ASAP to allow us to update the calendar and allow other users access to your previous time slot.


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General Lab Info


The LAB is typically OPEN Mon, Tue, and Wed afternoons. Earlier on Wednesdays for the convenience of our Strough users. The LAB is CLOSED when School is closed - including Holidays and Snow Days. Check the list of day/times above or the Lab Calendar frequently for updates.

NOTE: The Lab calendar will contain an entry "User Hours" on days the Lab is open - if there is no entry on a day, the Lab is CLOSED and the door will be locked.

-- If you have items to return that belong to the Teacher Center --

Bring them in during Lab User Hours or Call or text Jessica at: 315-371-5488


My Learning Plan How To:

Receive and Track Your CTLE Hours

Follow These Steps:

  1. Register for the Event

  2. Once the event is completed you must complete the Survey (if there is one assigned).

  3. Mark Completed after you have attended a RCSD or RTC event.

For BOCES events:

Once your attendance has been marked by BOCES you must mark it Completed.

Other information:

Once all the above steps have been taken you may print a certificate.

If you have certificates from events that are not recorded in My Learning Plan you may upload them into My Learning Plan to keep a digital record of them.

-Scan the certificates onto your computer and then upload into My Learning Plan to track all your hours

in one place.

Events & Course Offerings

Events & Classes will be held at the Rome Teacher Center unless otherwise stated.

Register for all Classes on My Learning Plan (Frontline)

15 Contact/CTLE Hours = 1 In Service Credit

See the "More" tab above for expanded descriptions

**Please scroll down and take our Course Survey. We would like your input.**


RTC Summer 2021 Professional Learning

!!! New Offering !!!

Another Round of Step 1 with Meredith!

Third Round for a new group: Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Course

8 contact/CTLE hours

This course aims to raise educator awareness for your own personal growth, but also to prepare you to create anti-racist educational spaces.

Participants will learn about key language and terms, and focus on understanding concepts of power, privilege, and oppression, racial bias, racial microaggressions, ally ship, and equity.

This is Part 1 in a 3 part series that starts with discussions around race and racism and moves into facilitating dialogue around how to have these discussions in your classroom. You will hae hands-on practice with your colleagues and Meredith.

Classes will be facilitated through mini-lectures and critical dialogue. All course work will be accessed through Google Drive and classes will be held through Zoom.

Classes will be held from 9-11 AM

Mondays' August 9,16,23,30

No Cost

15 contact hours = 1 in service credit

This course is part of our DEI Series facilitated by Meredith Madden of Equity Prof.

Meredith Madden was just nominated by the YWCA with a Salute to Outstanding Woman in the category of Education!

We have had two groups complete Meredith’s Step 1: Race, Racism and Anti-Racism Course. This is what your colleagues had to say…

“I would recommend taking the Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism course hosted by Dr. Meredith Madden. It gives you an insight to your own race beliefs in a safe environment. She takes you through various scenarios in a variety of media that you could possibly use with your own students in the future. Great class!”

“This was possibly the most engaging professional development class I've ever taken - Meredith was an amazing facilitator, and I think everyone in the class learned a lot about the world and themselves.”


Part 1: Help students handle their Social Emotional Needs to Become Independent Learners

Dates: June 29 - July 8 10 inservice contact hours/CTLE Hours

One Live Zoom Class July 6 @ 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Format: Mixed: Online with one live class

Cost: free

Facilitators: Jessica Lattimore and Sarah Keesler

SEL that’s easy to integrate into everyday content instruction. You’ll learn the hows and whys of building students’ sense of identity and confidence in their ability to learn, overcome challenges, and influence the world around them. You will be able to help students identify, describe, and regulate their emotional responses.

Support students as they learn the cognitive regulation skills critical to decision making and problem solving. You will learn how to foster students’ social skills, including teamwork and sharing, and their ability to establish and repair relationships.You will learn how to equip students with the skills they need to become informed and involved citizens. Students will be empowered to become more independent learners. Based on the book All Learning is Social Emotional.


Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain Book Study

Dates: July 18 - 24

10 inservice contact/CTLE Hours

Format: online asynchronous

Cost: Free

Facilitators: Jessica Lattimore and Sarah Keesler

A gap remains an issue for educators of culturally and linguistically diverse students, and SED just released the Culturally Responsive- Sustaining Framework. This book will help you to have a better understanding of the needs of your students and the CRE Framework. We will glance at the CRS Framework document and read about culturally responsive teaching and the brian.Culturally responsive pedagogy has shown great promise in meeting this need, but many educators still struggle with its implementation. In this book, Zaretta Hammond draws on cutting-edge neuroscience research to offer an innovative approach for designing and implementing brain-compatible culturally responsive instruction.

Teachers will learn about Information on how one’s culture programs the brain to process data and affects learning relationships. Teachers will be able to help build students’ learner operating systems and prepare them to become independent learners. You will be provided prompts and information to begin using in your classroom. It will help to engage students and allow for self-reflection. With a firm understanding of these techniques and principles, teachers will gain many benefits to enhance culturally responsive instruction in your classroom.


Bounce Back and Start Anew

Dates: August 9, 10 ,23 Sept. 20 and 27 Approved 10 inservice contact/CTLE hours

Time: 10:00AM-12:00 in August 4:00-6:00 PM in September

Format: Zoom/Google Meet/In person


Facilitators: Jessica Lattimore and Sarah Keesler

It is time to do what teachers do best. Spring back and start anew. We will use the Rebound Playbook by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frye, Dominique Smith and John Hattie and other resources, to bounce back from the trauma and stress of the last year and a half. We will assess the trauma, evaluate what we learned about remote teaching, determine what we need to move forward and shift the narrative of learning loss to engaged learning by implementing instructional strategies and assessments to regain learning lost and empower students to move forward with their learning. When we come back together in the fall we can evaluate where your students are and what you and your students need to “rebound” with hands on work that you may take back to your classroom.


Part 2: No need for extra work: Create Lessons that Integrate Social Emotional Learning

Dates: August 16, 19, 25 Sept. 16 and 23 Approved 10 inservice contact/CTLE hours

Time: 10:00AM-12:00 in August 4:00-6:00PM in September

Format: Zoom/Google Meet/In person

Cost: Free

Facilitators:Jessica Lattimore

This series is part 2 of how to bring social emotional learning skills into your everyday classroom routine. You will integrate social emotional skills into your everyday lessons. Students will learn skills for self, interpersonal skills, and skills as a community member. You will build a classroom community and improve student motivation and engagement by incorporating social emotional learning into your current lesson plans. We will work together to create lesson plans you may use in your classroom.


On Your own - ASCD New Tools Webinar Series

Approved 4 in-service contact hours or 3.75 CTLE hours

Dates: July 27, August 3, August 9

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Format: Zoom

Cost: $59.99 includes all three sessions

Facilitators: ASCD Authors

Three-part series, top education authors give you leadership tools to start the school year strong and build upon what’s been learned to result in a more supportive and equitable school community.

*You must turn in your ASCD certificate for RTC inservice contact hours


Part 1: JULY 27 – Culture, Class, and Race: Constructive Conversations That Unite and Energize Your School and Community

Brenda CampbellJones, Franklin CampbellJones, and Shannon Keeny

Honest conversations about tough topics and emotionally charged subjects – race, class, and culture — can be daunting. This session will provide you with a framework for having these critical conversations in a way that will build trust and strengthen your interactions.

Part 2: AUGUST 3 – Forces of Influence: How Educators Can Leverage Relationships to Improve Practice

Fred Ende and Meghan Everette

Learn how to leverage the all important relationships that will influence outcomes and effect real change. Explore the art of the four forces: the pull, the push, the shove, and the nudge, and know how and when to use them.

Part 3: AUGUST 10 – Your Students, My Students,

Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms

Nancy Frey, et al

Explore the hard truths about current general and special

education practice and outline five essential disruptions to

the status quo.

*If you are unable to make a session, recordings will be available for 60 days following the event.

*E-BOOKS will be available for each session If you wish to purchase e-books at a discount, contact



For teachers who have completed the training course Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism looking to continue their Professional Learning in the area of teaching for equity and justice.

Time and Dates: TBD

Contact/CTLE Hours: 15 contact hours

Counts towards in-service credit


See link at top of page for more info


In-service Contact Hours For Up To Two ASCD PD Online Courses.

Courses are available free of charge on the ASCD Platform. Each course is worth 20 in-service contact hours for a total of 40 in-service contact hours per individual.

Once you complete a course you need to complete the RTC ASCD course completion form (LINK) and submit it to the RTC with a copy of the ASCD Certificate of Completion. You will receive a RTC Certificate with the in-service contact hours you have earned.

See the list of courses approved by the RCSD here

NOTE: You will not receive a RTC certificate for these classes, please save your ASCD certificate as future proof of attendance.




We are putting together another group of teachers to get the discount code for Advancement Courses

If you are interested please email Sarah Keesler


Coursework for Salary Advancement

Members are reminded that we are not allowed to work on coursework for salary advancement during school hours. Thus refrain from any such activity between 9 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday.


Jessica Lattimore

Jessica Lattimore, our Director, has been with the RCSD for over 20 years. She teaches 6th grade and has been on curriculum teams, the Professional Development Committee and many other school teams with the district for over 12 years. Jessica works with teacher centers at the local and state level to provide professional development for teachers. She is one of the founders of the Rome Alliance for Education and Rome Community Schools.

Sarah Keesler

Sarah Keesler, Bellamy Librarian, is our Program Specialist. Sarah and Jessica work together to provide professional development to meet your needs. Sarah brings a new perspective to the center; one we are excited to tap into! Sarah has a tech and STEAM/STEM background and will be available to work with teachers to create lessons and bring resources for teacher use.

Fred Hall

Fred Hall runs the Rome Teacher Center Lab. He has a tech/IT background and is a retired Rome Lab employee. Fred will be here 3 afternoons a week to support your needs with poster printing, color printing, laminating, and the many other services we provide.