Submitting Menu

To the right you will find a template for the menu. Take a look at it and if you want to use it, we will send you a link to access it.


I want the Template - there are benefits!!!

  • Click Here! and let us know
  • We will send you a link to put in your information
  • Your Link will be put up on the site immediately
  • Visit the link when ever you want to change whatever you want.
  • You can change it during the week as well!
  • Reprint when ever you want.


If you are using your own menu email it to Scott

Please Note however :

  • PDF form only.
  • Size should not be bigger than 2M
  • You have changes that you want to do? You will have to re-email us and we hope to have the time to get it up there. (and we will try)