Mrs. Gardner's Third Grade Rockets

Room 14

What We're Learning (February):

Language Arts - Unit 5 (Advancements in Technology):

  • Identifying key details and main idea
  • Analyze sequential and cause and effect text connections
  • Analyze author's purpose
  • Using context clues to determine meaning of vocabulary
  • Drawing inferences/conclusions
  • Compare and contrast two texts on same subject
  • Word Study: Bossy e words, r-controlled vowels, inflectional endings (-ed, -ing)


  • Bridges Unit 4: Linking multiplication and division, fact families, division practice, area
  • Number Corner: Area and Perimeter, Fractions of a Dollar, Fact Fluency, Comparing Fractions, Graphs and Data

Science/Social Studies:

  • Native Americans - How did geographical region affect the way different tribes lived?

Writing - Informative paragraphs:

  • Online research
  • Paragraph structure (topic sentence, supporting details, concluding sentences)

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