Mrs. Gardner's Third Grade Rockets

Room 14

What We're Learning (March):

Language Arts:

  • Identify key details and main idea of nonfiction text
  • Cause and Effect, Sequencing
  • Author's Purpose
  • Analyze text features
  • Use context clues to define words
  • Word Study: Silent e, r-controlled vowels, inflectional endings
  • Grammar: pronoun/pronoun agreement, irregular verbs, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions


  • Bridges Unit 6: Polygons, Quadrilaterals, Perimeter and Area, Shapes and Fractions
  • Number Corner: Time/data, Area and Perimeter of rectilinear figures, x6 and x9 fluency, comparing fractions using number line

Science/Social Studies

  • Technology
  • Inventions and Innovation


  • opinion writing

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