Frontline Help for RCPS Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions (From TEACHERS)

# 1

QUESTION: How can I access the Frontline District Catalog in order to sign up for PD sessions offered?

ANSWER: Log into Frontline at then please follow these steps.

  1. Click Activity Catalog > Division Catalog
  2. Locate and click activity name (be sure to check the date range beside "Between" if you don't see the event)
  3. Click blue Sign Up Now button

Can't remember if you've already signed up for an activity? Go to My Info > View in Progress. That page shows anything pending including also activities that may have passed but administrators have yet to mark complete which awards points. You can also find the activity in the catalog again and if you've signed up already, it will indicate that!


QUESTION: I cannot find a particular inservice I'm looking for in the inservice catalog. What should I do?

ANSWER: When logged into your Frontline account, go to Activity Catalogs > Division Catalog. Scroll through the items. If you don't see the one you're looking for, please see the two tips at right related to searching the catalog.


QUESTION: How can I add my own PD activities for my principal's approval to earn points?

ANSWER: Follow these steps:

  1. Upload your evidence (certificate, transcript, etc.) using My Info > My File Library
    • Tip: Take a picture of any paper-based evidence so you'll have a digital file to upload.
    • Tip: Make sure file names are under 20 characters in length!
  2. Submit it using Forms > Individual Professional Development Submission Form
Individual Professional Development Submission Form

MORE HELP? Watch this VIDEO for step-by-step assistance:

HAVE LOTS TO SUBMIT? To save time for both you and your principal, consider consolidating all your items into a list in a single Google doc and submit that to your principal versus submitting everything separately. Find a log form and directions here!


QUESTION: How do I know how many points I have accumulated in Frontline for my current recertification cycle?

ANSWER: Go to My Info > My Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions (From PRINCIPALS)


QUESTION: How can I add my faculty meetings and other PD events to the Frontline District Catalog so teachers can get credit for participating?

ANSWER: Details are found at


QUESTION: How can I mark attendance and award credit to teachers who attend our building PD events?

ANSWER: See this demo video. Written directions are also found at


QUESTION: Our inservice lasted longer than anticipated. How can I increase the number of credits for an inservice after it's been held?

ANSWER: There are two ways to handle this, both giving the same results.

Option 1: Change it in the form itself.

  1. Activities > Enrollment Tools
  2. Find the activity. You may need to adjust dates to be sure your activity's date (or end date) is in the range given.
  3. Once you can see the activity, click its link.
  4. Click the blue Edit Activity button.
  5. Make your changes then click the Save button at the bottom.
  6. When you go through the confirm attendance process, make sure the numbers are correct. They can be manually changed there, too.

Option 2: Change it when you're confirming attendance and awarding credit.

  1. Activities > Enrollment Tools
  2. Click the blue linked name of your session (Don’t see it? You may need to search for it if it’s not in the default date range Frontline sets.)
  3. Click blue Confirm Attendance button
  4. Note the roster of attendees (Note also here that you can also directly enroll people using the “Add Registrants to Roster” section.)
  5. Click the blue Check All button below the list and all should turn yellow. (See someone who signed up but could not attend? Click checkbox beside name to deselect person before proceeding to next step.)
  6. Note the hours and credits to be sure they’re correct. Those can be adjusted at this point.

7. Beside "Set Checked", pull down the menu and select the Credits-[Date] option (dates will vary) and enter manually the number you want to reassign to this activity.

8. Be sure to click Save to apply those changes.

9. Now, you can complete the process by making sure everyone is checked then using the Set Status option to Complete and clicking Save.