Library Information

Library Visits:

  • The FRES Library is open from 8:00 - 3:05 Monday - Friday.
  • Staff and students may visit the library any time during these hours. (Students must have permission from their teacher to come to the library.
  • PK - 2 students may also checkout during their weekly lesson time.

Library Checkout Policy

  • Our school library offers materials available for students to read, enjoy, and check out. These materials include books in our fiction, nonfiction, and everybody book sections.
  • Students in PreK and Kindergarten are permitted to check out one book at a time. First through fifth grades are permitted to check out three books at a time.
  • Materials are checked out to students for a period of two weeks. Books may be renewed if the student is not finished by the due date.

Library Collection & Responsible Reading

  • Our library collection is a mixture of books and materials that support the reading interests of students and the curriculum of all subject areas in grades K-5.
  • In a library that serves students ranging in ages from 4 to 12, a wide variety of materials are needed. Obviously, what is interesting and appropriate for four-year-olds may not be interesting and/or appropriate for eleven-year-olds. Students are given the advice of “If you choose a book that makes you uncomfortable or that would make your parents uncomfortable, return it.” The great things about libraries is that they are all about choice. Find a book you can completely “enjoy.” Parents can help students enjoy the library. Ask students what they are reading and talk to them about their choices.