Experimental Airplane Build

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In late 2017 an unfinished, incomplete and lightly damaged BD5B kit airplane was donated to Explorer Post #997. There were no build logs or original ownership information. Apparently the original owner had donated it to Athenian School in Danville. They eventually decided that they were no longer interested in building it. They gave it to Joe Arluck, who gave it to Trystyn Clark, who gave it to Tom Manger. Tom put it in the Robot Garden hangar.

The kit was stored in the Robot Garden hangar until early 2019 when Robot Garden and Aviation Explorer Post #997 decided to turn this unfinished kit airplane into an electrically powered parade float. This website captures the journey of this build.

BD5 Plans - pictures/copies of our original set of blueprints dated 1972

BD5 Parts Lists - close up pictures from the blueprints

BD5 Progress Pictures - pictures of our plane / parade float in progress

BD5 3rd Party Helper Pictures - pictures from other builders

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