LOKI 2022

What is Loki?

We're glad you asked! LOKI is an offseason event for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). We will be playing FREIGHT FRENZYˢ presented by Raytheon Technologies, following the in-person ruleset, found here.

LOKI is an off-season FREIGHT FRENZY event for teams/team members that wish to interact with other FTC Teams in-person. Before registering for LOKI, be sure to look over the COVID/Health and Safety guidelines. To register for LOKI, either go over to the Register page or click on this link: REGISTER HERE

Event Details

  • Saturday, July 30th, 2022

  • Teams should arrive by 9 AM

  • The cost is $50 per team. Teams that have not paid by July 1st will lose their spot to a team on the waitlist.

  • Hosted by Salem Academy and College, in Winston-Salem, NC

  • LOKI will be live streamed at http://twitch.tv/loki_nc_ftc

  • There will be an option for traditional judging for teams that would like to experience that.

Building Students Through Robots

The point of FIRST is to build students, and one of the ways that impacts this event is that you don't need a fully functional robot to compete!


This event will have numerous custom and fun awards to celebrate all of your hard work. For example, one of Loki's primary abilities is Shapeshifting, which is reflected in a lot of our robots -- They have changed a lot from regional to now. Some teams will not have a single part on their robot that is the same. A full list of awards can be found on our Awards page.