Dear Robla Families,

Welcome to the Robla School District Distance Learning page . We are calling our new program Distance Learning 2.0 because we have made some important changes since our first distance learning program last spring. These changes include classroom websites that are easier to navigate, a daily instructional schedule for students and parents to follow and a return to grades for students.

Each school day, your child's teacher will post the day's schedule with lessons that are delivered live and assignments, projects and activities to be completed independently. Students will be held responsible for daily attendance and for completing all assigned work. Teachers will monitor progress and provide assistance where it is needed. We encourage parents to reach out to teachers if you need any support for you or your child.

We ask all parents to monitor their child's school work and their emotional state. If your child is having difficulty with their school work or if they are showing any signs of anxiety, please let his or her teacher know. We have staff members who are ready to help.

We do not know when Distance Learning will end and students will be allowed to return to school. We have currently made plans for our program to continue until November 20, 2020. If the number of COVID-19 cases in our county go down, then authorities may allow us to open sooner. If numbers do not decrease then it may be later. We will continue to stay in contact with the office of Sacramento County Public Health and follow their guidance. As we receive new information, we will share it with our families.

Mr. Reyes
Robla School District Superintendent



Make sure your study area is quiet, comfortable and free from distraction.


Plan how much time you want to spend studying a specific subject every day and set yourself a realistic deadline.


Develop an organizational system that works for you. For example, keep all materials for different subjects in different folders.


Engage with your peers by asking questions, sharing your thoughts and resources, or collaborating on a project. Most importantly, stay in touch with your teacher. Your teacher is always more than happy to answer your questions and to help you with your studying.


For every hour that you study, take at least a 15 minute break to do something that takes your mind away from studying. For example, listen to music, play a game, chat with your friends, or even take a nap.


Positive reinforcement is a great tool for staying motivated. Reward yourself in small ways after completing a task. Treat yourself to having your favorite snack, watching a movie, or playing a computer game.