Dear Robla Families,

Welcome to Robla School District’s Distance Learning page. We want to be sure students continue to learn during the weeks that schools are closed. Even though we cannot go to our school buildings, the teachers in the Robla School District are working very hard to provide quality learning for our students in all grades through the internet.

New lessons for all grades, preschool through grade 6, are being created. Please visit this page everyday to see what your teacher has prepared for his/her students. How much a student learns during these weeks depends on how much effort they put in. There will be new lessons each week. Some of them will be live, where students can interact with their teacher from home and some will be recorded.

If you ever have any questions or you need some extra help, contact your teacher using their Distance Learning Page. Teachers will also have office hours each week where they will be available to help. Look at your teacher’s page for more details.

Parents, more then ever, we need your help to be sure that your child keeps learning while our schools are closed. Please try to create a schedule in your home that allows children to “attend” lessons each week scheduled by their teacher. Please create someplace in your home for your child to work. And please find time to monitor their learning and praise their progress. If you need any help, contact your child’s teacher directly via email or speak to them when they call each week.

Mr. Reyes

Robla School District Superintendent



Make sure your study area is quiet, comfortable and free from distraction.


Plan how much time you want to spend studying a specific subject every day and set yourself a realistic deadline.


Develop an organizational system that works for you. For example, keep all materials for different subjects in different folders.


Engage with your peers by asking questions, sharing your thoughts and resources, or collaborating on a project. Most importantly, stay in touch with your teacher. Your teacher is always more than happy to answer your questions and to help you with your studying.


For every hour that you study, take at least a 15 minute break to do something that takes your mind away from studying. For example, listen to music, play a game, chat with your friends, or even take a nap.


Positive reinforcement is a great tool for staying motivated. Reward yourself in small ways after completing a task. Treat yourself to having your favorite snack, watching a movie, or playing a computer game.