Alphabet Work

Learning Alphabet Letters with Tracing

"Tracing is by far the fastest and easiest way for children to learn their letters, even if they are learning English. Rates will vary, but most students learn about five to ten letters a week" (Richardson, 2016, 31).

As you read alphabet books with your children, ask them to trace the letters, always beginning at the top. Tracing is a great strategy for learning the alphabet, and kids will learn how to recognize letters and identify their sounds if you spend just a little bit of time each day doing this with them. If your child cannot identify any alphabet letters, begin with the letters in his/her name and move on from there (Richardson, 2016, 30).

"It is important for [pre-A] children to learn the entire set of letters as soon as possible. Students should trace an alphabet book with a tutor every day. You can use any simple alphabet book... Each page of the alphabet book should have the uppercase and lowercase letter along with a picture" (Richardson, 2016, 29).

Richardson, J. (2016). The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading. New York, New York: Scholastic.

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