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Annual Teacher Surveys

Students, these surveys are extremely important to us as your support team. We want to work together to give you a better school experience, but we NEED 100% honest feedback to do that. Please take your time and complete a survey for each core teacher. We will use this information to improve your school year for 2017-2018! Note: Do not do surveys for teachers whose classes you have not taken!

For Assistant Principal, T. Moss, click HERE.

For A. Brown, click HERE.

For H. Armstrong, click HERE.

For P. Clarke and S. Morgan, click HERE.

For S. Chisolm, click HERE.

For G. Dixon (Young Scholars, Grade 6 Social Studies), click HERE.

For T. Donaldson, click HERE.

For. M. Fisher, click HERE.

For O. Padilla (Spanish Only), click HERE.

For A. Ocasion, click HERE.

For R. Ranera and C. Jackson, click HERE.

For S. Vasiu, click HERE.


We believe that parents and students will use the resources that we make available to them. For this reason, the teaching team has chosen to publish most assignments, project guides and study aids online for student access from home.

Available Tools

The whole RLOA staff poses for a March 2017 picture.




RLOA Middle's 1st Ever Golf Club

Left to Right: Coach M. Baratto, Jaylin Mack, Aden Long, Miguel Barrientos, Johnny Torres, Nelson Montano, Steven Gomez, James Furr