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Gregory Monskie - Director of Human Resources - ext. 7520;

Contact Greg for questions regarding policies, contracts, association matters, legal questions and general workplace concerns.

Cindy Sparks - Employment Coordinator - ext. 7523;

Contact Cindy in regards to Interviews, Applications, Hiring, Certifications, College Credit Reimbursement, FMLA, Personal Leave Request, other Leaves of Absence, Clearances, Professional Substitutes, TIMS, PIMS, Paraprofessional Testing, Tenure, Retirement, Act 48 PPID numbers, Step/Salary Movement, Job Descriptions, Job Postings and State Reports.

Kristi Baublitz - Benefits Coordinator - ext. 7521;

Contact Kristi in regards to Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Cobra, Retirement Insurance, Aflac, Flexible Spending Account, Clearances, Employee Assistance Program, Life Insurance, Worker's Compensation, Support Staff Substitutes, Volunteers, and Student teachers.