Strikers Rec U16 Newcastle Soccer

This site is designed to help make sharing pictures a little easier - at least that is the hope and plan. The following are links to the pictures that have been taken from the games for the past few seasons.

This is not an official team page. All official team communications come from Coach Matt through email or Playmetrics app.

Game Picture Albums

Newcastle Era

Spring 2024

Message from Matt (in three parts)

Matt - U16 Speech

Part 1

Matt - U16 Speech

Part  2

Matt - U16 Speech

Part 3


Team Celebration Comments

Sorry for it being sideways.

Fall 2023 Season

Spring 2023 Season

Barcelona Season

Fall 2022 Season

Newcastle Era

Spring 2022 Season

Fall 2021 Season

Spring 2021 Season

Fall 2020 Season

Tigers Era

Fall 2019 Season