April 25, 2018

Market Aspects

Riverbend Retail Consulting Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

In this issue:

· Deloitte Report declares “Retail Renaissance”

· Harvard Business Review “Only 10% of Americans Love Cooking

· 5 Trends to watch in Grocery retail in 2018

· Shopping malls must shift to remain relevant

· RBRC announces Foresight market summary report

Deloitte Report declares “Retail Renaissance”

The Deloitte Report “The great retail bifurcation” challenges the conventional wisdom of the online versus brick and mortar debate. Evidence in the report indicates that retail consumer behavior is more income driven than generational and emphasizes, again, that the middle is not where a growing retailer wants to be. The link to the full report is:

Deloitte retail report

HBR: “Only 10% of Americans Love Cooking”

In a thought provoking article, Eddie Yoon reveals that a recent survey indicates that Americans love of cooking has declined and has contributed to the increased expenditure of Food Away from Home. He further posits some technological innovations in food preparation which could possibly help stem this tide. The link to the full article is:

HBR Love of Cooking

“I’ve come to think of cooking as being similar to sewing. As recently as the early 20th century, many people sewed their own clothing.....the tiny minority who still buy fabric and raw materials do it mainly as a hobby. If that’s the kind of shift coming to the food industry, change leaders and corporate strategists will have their hands full. ”

-Eddie Yoon

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5 trends to watch for in grocery retail in 2018, according to Jones Lang Lasalle:

1. Smaller grocery stores. (Companies including Whole Foods and Publix are testing new store formats.)

2. Technology implemented in stores that gives retailers more data about their shoppers.

3. Blockchain technology, specifically for food safety purposes. (Walmart has been a leader thus far here.)

4. More mergers and acquisitions within the industry (i.e. Albertsons buying Rite-Aid).

5. Rapid checkout. (Walmart, Kroger and Amazon are spearheading their scan-and-go options.)

Shopping malls must shift from commerce to consumer engagement.”

A new report on retailing’s future expects customers to have much more influence on what goods and services they are offered.

Available at Building Design and Construction link:

Mall consumer engagement

RBRC releases Foresight market summary product.

Riverbend Retail Consulting recently released a new product, Foresight, allowing clients to mitigate the risk of the expense of ordering a full trade area survey by requesting a preliminary market summary. The Foresight market summary provides preliminary trade area information and evaluates the feasibility of completing a full trade area survey a fraction of the cost. To view a typical report click here

River Bend Retail Consulting (RBRC) is your one stop shop for all retail related market analysis geared towards today’s supermarket/c-store operations. RBRC’s decades of experience in the areas of market analysis, consumer research, feasibility studies, site design and strategic evaluations can help give your organization the edge in today’s ever changing retail landscape.

Market Aspects Vol 1 Issue 1

April 2018

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