We believe that movement is a vital component to both physical and mental health, and access to movement opportunities should be universal. Our lessons are offered on a sliding scale in order to make it accessible for as many people as possible.

Current Situation!

As a result of the the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of the Turnhalle has shifted.

We are currently closed to new students, as we await COVID rates in Douglas County to return to low levels.

What are Medieval Martial Arts?

At the Ritterkunst Turnhalle we study the martial tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer, a 14th century fight master. The Art, as it was practiced, was recorded in a number of manuscripts which still exist to this day. Beginning in the 1990's, as access to scanned copies of these manuscripts became available through the internet, early pioneers began recreating the art from these texts.

We study the art holistically, including all of the knightly weapons, but the Longsword is the foundation of the art, and the area most modern students wish to focus upon.

In order to understand all of what is available at the Turnhalle, we can break it down into some general categories:


Medieval German wrestling was a stand-up jacketed system where the goal is to throw the opponent to the ground. It also includes non-sporting techniques such as arm and leg breaks.


Fighting out of armor is the foundation of the martial art, where tactics and techniques are learned which apply to the whole system. This includes Sword in two hands, Sword and Buckler, Messer, Dagger, and Staff.


Armored combat in the medieval treatises is focused on the duel, where each opponent has matched weapons. We study the use of Spear, Pollaxe, Sword, and Dagger in Armor, learning the special techniques used to compromise the armor itself.


The ability to fight on horseback was central to the medieval Knight's identity. We work these techniques on the ground, and those who have access to a barn practice outside of class. Spear (Lance), Sword, Dagger, and Wrestling are all practiced on horseback.

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