The Solution

What is the solution?

  • Rita’s House, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized under the non-profit laws of Pennsylvania
  • Rita’s House will soon be recognized as a 501(c)(3) entity by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Rita’s House will operate under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for services for women offenders who are transitioning from state and local prisons into local communities

How will it work?

PA DOC refers women to community corrections (transitional homes) through:

  • Pre-release
    • Within 1 year of release & served at least ½ minimum sentence
    • No misconducts and recommendation of prison staff
  • Parole
    • No other home plan
  • State Intermediate Punishment
    • Flat 2-year sentence
    • 6 mos. in prison, 6 mos. in rehab, 6 mos. in transitional home, 6 mos. supervised at home
  • Half-way Back
    • Parolees with technical violation (lost employment, moved without permission) – no new crime
  • Back on Track Outside
    • Parolees with technical violation who need more structure – no new crime
    • 12 wks. in prison, 12 wks. in transitional home


  • Perform an Initial Assessment
  • Develop a Case Plan
  • Implement Treatment Plans/Goal Action Steps
  • Conduct Programming
    • Long-term economic self-sufficiency
    • Basic life skills
    • GED or college work
    • Parenting skills
    • Physical wellness
    • Substance abuse treatment
    • Mental health referrls
    • Community service

How can I help?

  • Become educated about the need
  • Share accurate information about Rita’s House with other community members
  • Volunteer your services and talents
  • Provide resources to aid in the purchase and restoration of Rita’s House
  • Consider hiring a Rita’s House graduate