Ms. Zehra's classroom

Our 5th Grade Journey!

Fifth grade is an exciting time in a student's life where they get ready to transition to Middle School. My objective is to equip my fifth graders with not just the academic knowledge and skills for the next level, but also help them grow as loveable individuals imparting strong Islamic values with their characters and actions. Our students will be learning Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Qurʾān, Fiqh, and Islamic Studies, all with an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach, while being consistently challenged to think outside the box and through the lens of Qurʾānic and Islamic concepts and teachings.

A Little About me

I strongly believe in celebrating learning! I am super excited to mark each day of our learning together in our classroom. Come in the classroom with your inquisitiveness, brimming with questions and together we shall find answers inshāʾAllāh.

I have been blessed with the best and most inspiring teachers throughout my school life, during my Bachelor's in Mathematics and Statistics at Kinnaird College For Women University, and my MBA in marketing at the Punjab University. I take pride in having the honor of being my students' spiritual mother, and consider it my duty to pass on the love for learning instilled in me by my respected teachers.


My weekly newsletter is the best source to stay informed and updated on our current and upcoming learning activities, and to keep track of our growth curve.

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