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This site documents chapter 1, the "Making" process, in my current research project.

It demonstrates my study and implementation of IoT, AI, physical computing, coding, 3D printing, and fabrication in the design process.

The Project Summary

Chapter 1: Digital Making + UI

During my sabbatical in 2017, I developed a futuristic concept of an IoT platform for HVAC systems. My work involved building a scaled prototype that integrated kinetic movements to test hypotheses around air turbulence. For this IoT platform design prototype, robotics were utilized to simulate the responsiveness. To achieve my vision of a B2B business model for the concept, more economically efficient solutions will be necessary to commercialize the platform.

In order to conceptualize my theory and to generate user-interactions, I taught myself coding and physical computing throughout every step of the process. See short video clips 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 .

Chapter 2: Critical Thinking + UX

Upon completion of this prototype in 2018, I began expanding the concept with user-centric and holistic approaches. I am currently investigating the relationship between human emotions and the perception of AI in our living environment. I will further explore ideas in art and science, ambient technologies and sensory experiences by incorporating elements of energy (light, color, sound) along with origami and air turbulence. The goal is to create a responsive user environment that will raise awareness of AI and facilitate a peaceful co-existence between humanity and emerging ubiquitous computing technology.

To test the concept and express the emotional connections through interactions, I plan to build a full-scale prototype as an exhibition where people can experience a non-invasive and friendly AI.

Physical computing development

short video clips

Concept development : More Images

Concept sketch: Turbulence
3D CAD: Kinetic +Turbulence version 1
3D CAD: Kinetic +Turbulence version 2
Concept sketch: Installation
2D+3D CAD: Synergetic Modular System

PCB development

Breadboard Schemetic test
1st generation: Soldered Circuit Board
2nd generation: Printed Circuit Board
3rd generation: Printed Circuit Board

Assembly process

Assembly concepts
3D Printing

Part design + Iterations

Future scenario

coming soon...

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