B e t t 2 0 1 7 - K ä v l i n g e

Reflections before, during and after BETT17 visit to London on 24/1 - 28/1. The aim is to share what we see, hear and experience, and also our own thoughts and ideas, regarding development of pedagogical digitization processes within the school sector. The thoughts and reflections are presented in the form of film and video as well as in text, of course. The days in London are busy and filled with school visits, conferences, lectures, networking and our goal is to continuously upload notes from all activities directly on this page, 'on-the-run' fashion. Also interested in to test whether the Sites may outrun Google Document as a sharing- and documentation surface for this purpose. We are at the moment 12 collaborators (more on the way) who are going to interact on this webpage during the Fair and after. The program/schedule for the days is organized by a Swedish company, called Lin Education which offers digital tools and pedagogic education for schools, students, teachers, headmasters and education administrations in Sweden. Welcome to peek in!

goals before the visit:

  • to get a refill of new ideas from a competent network that is gathered in London during the fair 2017, and to test how our thoughts in the ongoing development of digitization stands in comparison with other who have come as far in its development, both in Sweden and internationally.

goals to bring with me from b e t t 2 0 1 7:

  • to find 2 new national contacts from Sweden, and in addition 2 new international contacts for long-term aim in order to create opportunities for global cooperation in the years 2020-2025. Part of the goal to achieve global perspective as a natural part of teaching and learning.
  • to bring with me 3 educational ideas and thoughts which are applicable to my profession as an pedagogical ITC-cooperator in 2017, Kävlinge municipality.
  • 5 good and useful examples how digital tools are used in teaching to enhance collaboration between the students (student to student collaboration).

In case you are interested in asking a question or comment something about we have experienced and published on this site you can do it via 'Questions & Comments' page.

Unless otherwise specified, all shared material on this site are under the Creative Commons CC BY SA


Ville Felvin (ville.felvin@kavlinge.se) Department of Education Administration, Kävlinge municipality

Peter Westergård (peter.westergard@kavlinge.se) The Principal of RInnebäcksskolan, Kävlinge municipality, Sweden - See their school blog here http://blogg-kulan.se/ (in Swedish)

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