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Student Chromebooks:

A Personal Technology Device in Grade 9-11 must meet these specific requirements:

  • 9.7” screen size or larger
  • iPads must have a keyboard- attached or BlueTooth
  • iPads and Android Tablets must have a protective case
  • ChromeBooks and Laptops (Mac or PC) must have batteries that last a minimum of 5 hours

1:1 Digital Learning Grades 6-11

Ridgefield Public Schools is currently in its second year of the 1:1 Digital Learning initiative. Students at East Ridge Middle School and Scotts Ridge Middle School receive a Chromebook and 9th grade students have the option of receiving a district Chromebook or bringing in a personal technology device that meets minimal technical requirements.

Students will use their device in and outside of school as a means to optimize learning through active, safe, responsible, and ethical engagement in research, communication, collaboration, creation, and education. In addition, they will have access to and feedback from their teachers and peers in real time, enhancing the learning experience even more.

Students will use an assigned RPS Chromebook/Personal Device and digital resources to

  1. Engage in learning through digital tools
  2. Research, create, produce, and share knowledge
  3. Increase personalized learning through process, product, and content
  4. Collaborate and communicate with others
  5. Increase access to 21st century skills and authentic learning experiences
  6. Organize assignments, notes, resources, assignments, etc. (Digital Planner)
  7. Learn and apply principles and concepts of Digital Citizenship

Student Expectations - Signed By Each Student (Grades 6-8)

1. I will take good care of my ChromeBook by carrying it with two hands, not carrying it by the screen, keeping it in my bag or locker when not in use, and keeping food and drinks off it.

2. I will use my device for school work when my teacher says it is time for ChromeBook use and at home for school related work when my parents say it is okay to do so.

3. I will be responsible for reporting damage, loss, or technical problems to my teacher right away.

4. I will bring my ChromeBook between home and school every day and charge it every night.

5. I will be personally responsible for my ChromeBook by knowing where it is at all times and not loaning it out to others

6. I will share with my parents my password and show them all the ways I am using these tools for my school work.