Rhode Island Adult Education

The RI Professional Development Center (PDCenter) delivers high-quality, research-based professional development and technical assistance to Rhode Island’s adult education programs and practitioners. Through its leadership and partnerships, the PDCenter seeks to support, enhance and promote the network of quality educational opportunities for RI’s adult learners.

Adult Education and GED

Adult Education, GED, and Workforce Training programs support Rhode Island adults in gaining skills and credentials for employment, citizenship, and family and community leadership.

Student Centered Learning - not all learners start at the same place and each individual learns at his/her own pace. Programs should plan to meet students where they are in technology skills and provide them with instruction and assessment to improve those skills. Whenever possible, the technology skills should be embedded in subject area work.

Vision - The utilization of internet resources and related technology is part of the fabric of life in 2015. Adult Education programs must develop a blended learning environment that includes internet and technology use as part of the educational experience for all of their learners. Technological fluency (digital literacy) is a requirement for all citizens to have success in the workplace and in educational programs. (college and career readiness)