Rock Hill Elementary Physical Education

Presents: Virtual Road Trip!!

Rock Hill PE Virtual Road Trip

During this last month of school, we are going on a Virtual Road Trip! Our goal is to visit 13 of South Carolina’s State Parks and 49 National Parks across the US by adding the miles we walk, run, hike, or bike each day. The only requirement is that the miles have to be self-propelled, so motorcycle and car rides do not count. All elementary students in the district and their family members are invited to participate! We will update the map daily so you can keep track of our progress. You can input your miles as often as you would like, by day or by week, whatever works best for you. If completing miles outside your home, remember to practice social distancing and always get permission from an adult.

If you do not have a way to measure or track distance, here is a tip for estimating your miles:

· walking for 15 minutes would be about 1 mile

· jogging for 10 minutes would be about 1 mile

· riding a bike for 6 minutes would be about 1 mile

To log your miles, either complete the google form to the left or click on the button "Log Miles Form". You can complete as many forms as you continue to build miles (one form for each family member because the more people who participate in your family, the more miles we log )!

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Total Miles to date:

5/20/20...Total = 6,383 mi; Students = 2,560 mi.

5/21/20...Total = 6,677

mi; Students = 2,648 mi.

5/25/20...Total = 8,105 mi; Students = 2,964 mi.

5/26/20...Total = 9,145 mi; Students = 3,189 mi.

5/27/20...Total = 9,656 mi; Students = 3,415 mi.

5/28/20...Total = 10,130 mi; Students = 3,502 mi.

5/31/20...Total = 11,579 mi; Students = 3,813 mi.

Completed Miles!

6/4/20...Total = 13,154 mi; Students = 4,143 mi.

Where are we heading next:

We will also be excited to not only see where we have come from but where we are going!!

Please check tabs above for previously visited parks

WOW! After launching on social media Friday, May 8th, 2020, together we have reached 400 miles! That means we are passing Santee SC State Park and have visited the following parks below. Keep running, walking and biking in order to see how we can get by Wednesday!

5/10/20...Miles to date: 400; Students = 128 miles! Awesome Job!!

5/11/20...Miles to date: 806; Students = 312 miles! Way to go kiddos, you are about to pass the teachers!

5/12/20...Miles to date: 1,492!!! WHAT?!! No words can describe...just blown away by how fast we went to all S.C. state parks and now it's time to visit our National Parks! We will start in South Carolina with Congaree National Park...Check it out below!

5/13/20...Miles to date: 2,066; Students = 800! And students take the lead! Way to go KIDDOS! Now we are off on our National Parks Road Trip. In one day we were able to go from Kings Mountain National Park to Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park.

5/14/20...Miles to date: 2,805; Students = 1,120 miles...GREAT JOB! Remember to keep up your miles over the weekend! We are passing beautiful Maine and heading to Ohio!

5/15/20...Miles to date: 3,500; Students = 1,400 miles! We have already visited an awesome National Park in Ohio (make sure to check it out below) and we are super close to Michigan! It'll be great to see where the weekend takes us!

5/17/20...Miles to date: 4,155; Students = 1,678 miles! Awesome job ROCK HILL!! We need to keep it up...we have made it to the MidWest and we have some beautiful National Parks coming up!

5/18/20...Miles to date: 4,912; Students = 1,870 miles...Students, you are doing great but TEACHERS are catching up (only 100 behind)! Boys and girls the parks that we have 'visited' so far have been so unique in their own way (four parks in ONE DAY; yahoo!) but it's about to become amazing! Make sure you check out the links below and see which one would be your favorite to visit!

5/19/20...Miles to date: 5,650; Students = 2,175! Congrats Rock Hill we are about half-way through our Virtual Road Trip! In one day we have visited EIGHT National Parks! That's amazing and don't forget to check them out...

5/20/20...Miles to date: 6,383; Students = 2,560...We have visited four beautiful parks today! Check out the video above to see what schools are in the lead!

5/21/20...Miles to date: 6,677; Students = 2,648...More schools logged on today and the numbers show! It is a long trip to Washington (state that is) and we are so close to North Cascades! We left the MidWest but if you still would like to see previous parks we visited, make sure to click on the tabs above. Let's keep it going this weekend!

5/25/20...Happy Memorial Day!...Miles to date: 8,105; Students = 2,964...What an amazing Memorial Weekend!! The sun came out to play and in Rock Hill, teachers are getting their miles in and about the catch the students! You wouldn't believe the awesome parks we have visited (it's a lot, over 9 parks One weekend!)..check them out below!

5/26/20...Miles to date: 9,145; Students = 3,189 miles...California has so many beautiful National Parks!! We are starting to head east (don't forget back East we still have Great Smokies, only three hours away; check out video above)...In Arizona we start to see some different terrain...

5/27/20...Miles to date: 9,656; Students = 3, 415 miles...Students, great work!! We are SO CLOSE!! WE can DO THIS!! Loving the effort, even with the rain...getting it done!

5/28/20...Miles to date: 10,130; Students = 3,502 miles...We only got to one park today (we will have to cover some miles to get back East)...but the weekend is coming and Let's get some MILES!!

5/31/20...Miles to date: 11,579; Students = 3,813 miles...You guys rocked it over the weekend! It's been our biggest jump yet and we are back EAST! We've passed the Great Smokies and now to Florida for the Everglades...This has been an amazing journey and we are in the last stretch...Let's finish STRONG!

*Last day to log miles is June 4th!!

6/4/20...Miles to date: 13,154; Students = 4,143 miles!! WOW!! Way to go! We made our goal (and then some)!! We have completed our Virtual Road Trip across U.S. visiting all of the National Parks...Our goal is that you would check out some of our local and national parks and that you would stay active this summer!

*We, your Rock Hill Elementary PE teachers, are so proud of YOU, our students, staff and families for putting the miles in and getting out the saying goes "A journey of a THOUSAND miles, starts with a single step" and collectively we have done that!