Student Blog

Last Tuesday, on March 19, the author of the Be The Nice Kid quote, Bryan Skavnak came to our school. He told us many interesting stories. Bryan informed us of the ways to persevere and pursue our dreams. Also, in February, the student of the month was Ashley.

In math, we just started learning about independent and dependent variables. We are almost done with Module 4. The Module 4 math test is on the 28th. Also, the state test is coming up, on May 1st.

In ELA, we finished our slideshow PBA's about people who showed courage in their lifetime. It's nearing the end of reading month. For our ELA state test, us students, are taking it digitally.

In social studies, we learned about Greek mythology and Roman mythology. Now we are working on a new project about how the Romans influenced another country. We can present it in a slideshow, a poster, a document, and (etc.) We also had two pop quizzes recently.

In art, we made contour line drawings of animals. Now we are drawing symmetrical Greek vases. In music, we are conducting our own songs. Then we can play the songs on xylophone, recorder, drums, (etc.) Also we're playing Zephyr on the recorder and drums.

This concludes our student blog. Bye for now!