Pathways in Technology 

Early College High School

What is P-TECH?

What is P-TECH and what does it mean for Rio Hondo High School? PTECH represents the best of what public-private partnerships can look like, with students taking high school and college coursework simultaneously and engaging in industry guided workforce development. PTECH schools enable students to earn both a high school diploma and a no-cost, two-year post-secondary degree in a STEM field. Students participate in a range of workplace experiences, including mentor-ship and worksite visits. Upon graduation, students have the academic and professional skills required to either continue their education in a four-year post-secondary institution or enter into entry-level careers in wind energy, healthcare, advanced construction and other competitive field. 

For more information contact our counselors, Mrs. Mesa and/or Mrs. Flores at 956-748-1200.

Our Industry Partners


PTECH / ICIA Planning Grant Documentation 2020-2021

Benchmark 1 - School Design

1A Mentor/Induction program plans

1B Annual training or professional development plan with P-TECH/ICIA and IHE faculty

1C P-TECH/ICHIA leadership meeting agendas and notes

Benchmark 2 - Target Population

2A Written admission policy and enrollment application

2B Recruitment Plan

2C Brochures and marketing in Spanish and  English

2D Written Communication plan for targeting identified audiences, parents, community members, school board, higher education personnel, etc.

Benchmark 3 - Strategic Alliances

3A Meetin Agendas and minutes, with action items and decision logs

3B Final, signed and executed MOU with industry partner/business

3C A list of strategic partners with each member's organization, title, and role in providing work-based learning for students by grade level

Benchmark 4 - Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

4A Four-year crosswalk document

4B Master Schedule

4C Curriculum alignment documents

4D Testing calendar and schedule for TSI, ACT, SAT or other assessments

4E Course of study examples

Benchmark 5 - Work-Based Learning

5A Work-based learning experiences

5B Regional high demand occupation list

5C Aggregate data

5D Student artifacts

Benchmark 6 - Student Support

6A Bridge program calendar

6B Tutoring schedule

6C Calendar of family outreach events

6D Schedule of counseling/advisory events

Our Team

Asael Ruvalcaba


Rebecca Mesa


Nancy Flores


Danette Atkinson

Hospitality & Tourism

Itzel Alonso


Vanessa Hernandez


Juan Munoz


Israel Elizondo 


Desiree Ponce

Health Science

Fernando Pizarro

Law Enforcement

Daniel Quintanilla

Law Enforcement

Shayna Shield


Karen Ramirez

Computer Science

Fall 2021 P-TECH (dual enrollment) Survey, Deadline to submit Friday, January 29, 2021

* SPCH, ARTS, SPAN, SOCI- Must have attempted ELAR & Math TSIA2 * ENGL, HIST, GOVT, PSYC- Must pass ELAR TSIA2 * BIOL- Must pass both ELAR and MATH TSIA2 * MATH- Must pass MATH TSIA2

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