Pathways in Technology 

Early College High School

What is P-TECH?

What is P-TECH and what does it mean for Rio Hondo High School? PTECH represents the best of what public-private partnerships can look like, with students taking high school and college coursework simultaneously and engaging in industry guided workforce development. PTECH schools enable students to earn both a high school diploma and a no-cost, two-year post-secondary degree in a STEM field. Students participate in a range of workplace experiences, including mentor-ship and worksite visits. Upon graduation, students have the academic and professional skills required to either continue their education in a four-year post-secondary institution or enter into entry-level careers in wind energy, healthcare, advanced construction and other competitive field. 

For more information contact our counselors, Mrs. Mesa and/or Mrs. Flores at 956-748-1200.

Our Industry Partners

Institutes of Higher Education


PTECH Artifacts

Benchmark 1: School Design

1.6 Leadership Team Strategic Priorities

1.7 Leadership Team Key Roles

1.8 P-TECH Staff

1.9 P-TECH Staff Professional Development

1.11 Advisory Board

Benchmark 2: Partnerships

2.1 Goal of Higher Education Partnerships

2.16 Roles and Responsibilities

Benchmark 3: Target Population

3.2 Documenting Enrollment Procedures

3.3 Stakeholder Engagement

3.4 Lottery System - Not Applicable 

Benchmark 4: Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

4.1 Regional Need

4.3 Course Sequence

4.7 College Readiness

Benchmark 5: Student Supports

5.1 Bridge Programs

5.2 Advising

5.3 Student Intervention

5.4 Classroom Supports

5.6 Enrichment Opportunities

Benchmark 6: Work-Based Learning

6.1 Work-Based Learning Continuum

6.2 Work-Based Learning Offerings

6.3 Student Participation

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Medical Health Science

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