Mrs. Stachowiak's

Global Studies & Western European History

To Grade 9 Students and Parents:

Welcome to Global Studies. Throughout this course students will examine a myriad of historical and contemporary topics across various continents. In addition, students will engage in multitudinous activities that will strengthen critical thinking and writing skills. Various tasks include but are not limited to, traditional writing assignments, projects, research based assessments and collaborative discourse. This website will provide information pertinent information regarding the class calendar. All course documents, announcements and updates will be managed through Google Classroom.

To Grade 10 Students and Parents:

Welcome to Western European History. This course concentrates on a chronological and developmental study of Western European history by focusing on the major events and significant individuals of the Late Middle Ages through the evolution of modern Europe ending with the formation of the European Union. Students will examine the connections between, geographic, social, political, economic, scientific and artistic achievements while focusing on how humankind has been shaped by and have themselves shaped the world around them. This course will enable students to gain an understanding of the interrelationship between events of the past and the actions of today. This site will offer information regarding the class calendar and upcoming assignments. All course documents, announcements and assignments will be managed through Google Classroom.


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