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RHAM HS Yearbook Club

This student-led club is dedicated to documenting our current school year in a hardcover yearbook featuring over 225 pages of RHAM students, activities, events, sports, clubs, and more! Join RHAM Yearbook to help create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Triangle

RHAM's yearbook is titled the "Triangle."  It is named after the three towns that the district comprises. The Triangle serves as a keepsake of students' time here at RHAM High School and allows students to look back on memories from each school year. It preserves the history of the school by giving detailed accounts of the people, places, and events of each school year. The tradition of our student publication dates back to the start of the school in 1957.  

Our yearbook is not just for seniors!  We have a section dedicated exclusively to our current graduating class.  In addition, the yearbook includes portraits for our students, faculty, and staff, and covers all clubs, sports, concerts, art shows, and other RHAM-sponsored events throughout the year.  We strive to be an inclusive book that has every student represented.  Join the Yearbook Club to plan and document what is important to you here at school.


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Join the Yearbook Club to highlight and commemorate your past year of a school.



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