STEM Through Literature Kits for Kids

Excite your students about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by using literature and actively involving them in hands-on activities that will spark their curiosity and imagination! These STEM activities can be used in either a remote or face-to-face learning environment.

Research shows that the integration of literacy and science to be a key strategy for improving elementary literacy and science achievement as well as increasing the amount of science instructional time and student engagement.

The STEM Through Literature Kits for Kids project is based on the work done through the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan (REMC) Project, Promoting STEM Through Literature. Wayne RESA and the Wayne Regional STEM Network (MiSTEM), in collaboration with Nutty Scientists of Southeast Michigan, have developed these kits which were funded by the MiSTEM Network and the Early Literacy Grant. They are designed to get students reading, to give them practice applying the Engineering Design Cycle, to bolster their imaginations through innovation and creativity, and to explore the wonders of STEM.

To access the lesson plans and associated video resources, please click on the book icons below.

21 Elephants Book Cover
Balloons Over Broadway Book Cover
Boy Who Captured the Wind Book Cover
Papa's Mechanical Fish Book Cover