This is your RentFun's portal for education and company documentation.

RentFun mission is to bring happiness to every person in the world

RentFun vision is to deliver amazing entertainment at customer's location that can be enjoyed by kids, teenagers and adults.

RentFun values are:

1. Above all we value people who work with us. If they are happy than clients are happy.

2. Make customer happy so they would come back and share fun with others.

3. We deliver people happy memories getting them together with colleagues friends and relatives regardless of their age.

4. We always think how to improve and what can be done better. 

5. We are fuelled by passion and best experience for our clients.

6. We only offer fun that we are happy to use ourselves.

7. Every guest must have the most fantastic fun time.

RentFun Wizards - always hiring!

Everything in RentFun starts with Wizards. They are our warriors on the front line - taking care of customers.  This is the start point into any future job with us.  If you think you can help us to make world a happier place and you can click with our mission and values, here are the details:


- Local language proficiency at C2 level

- Fluent English

- Punctuality and creativity

- Enjoyment in communicating with people

- Abundance of positive energy

Job duties

- Participation in events in the local country and abroad

- Assistance with equipment setup and configuration

- Assistance with loading audio/video equipment (it is not super heavy!)

- Explaining to event participants how to play racing and flight simulators, virtual reality, and augmented reality

- Interacting with participants to create a super joyful atmosphere of happiness and fun

What we offer

RentFun Wizard - unique job offer of working and having fun

- 14 USD/13 EUR/ 300 CZK per hour for work at the events. +50% after 22:00

- Free transportation to event locations

- Business trips abroad covered by the company

- Career growth opportunities

- Future possible relocation to other countries

- Work in a friendly and super positive team

- Internal courses for customer experience and sales

- Platform for honing skills related to the profession

- Platform to experiment with new ideas in the entertainment industry

- See your ideas come to life!

We are willing to consider employees without experience who are in the process of learning. The work schedule is negotiated individually and can be adjusted to your present studies/work. You can be a waiter, IT specialist or CEO - we don’t mind. We hire for a positive attitude. We are looking for people with atomic energy to provide the best experience for our clients. You think you got it? Please send your resume and questions to 

Our next events

Our targets


20 Wizards, Brno HQ, events Austria, Germany, Italy


Legal entity in UK, first event in London


Expansion to Canada, USA with local hubs